Selva Prieto Salazar

Eusebia Maldonado was sick with fever, and many little red devils came to her. They climbed to Eusebia’s bed and pricked her with their tridents. She though she was going to die and the devils came to take her to hell. Although she had sinned, she didn’t think she’d sinned so much to suffer this harassment from the devils. She prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection, and the Virgin appeared in her splendor and scared the devils away. They left Eusebia in peace and ran back to hell.

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There was a hole in the wall in our garden, and crocodiles from the river were getting through this hole. Some of them even came to the kitchen attracted by the tasty smells of my dishes. I didn’t like having crocodiles in the house, so I prayed the Virgin so my husband would fix the hole. He had been telling me for months he would do it but never did. I thank the Holy Virgin because my brother-in-law felt sorry for me and fixed the hole with stones and cement. Now we don’t have crocodiles anymore.

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My daughter was very restless and curious girl. I couldn’t left her alone and was always worried about her. I was constantly watching her. Thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan we met a stray dog once and decided to foster it. Since that day this dang became my daughter’s nanny. The dog is always following and watching her so I can stop worrying about my daughter’s antics and highjinks. I know the dog would protect her.

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I live alone, with my cat and dog. Sometimes we are bored because nothing happens in our town. But the Virgin of the Rosary made us the miracle. She gives us wings at night, and we go to fly over the fields, and the immensity around is ours. Thanks to that we manage to remain optimists and keep great wish to work. We thank the Holy Virgin.

Valentin Murillo almost died under a rockfall in the mountains. He thanks the Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that no stone hit him or his donkey.

At the day of my wedding my fiancé changed his mind and didn’t come to the church. Furious with rage and pain, I ran to the cape and threw myself into the sea to kill myself. But after falling into the water I imagined my skeleton in the wedding dress lying at the bottom of the sea and surrounded by corrals and seaweed. I realized I didn’t want to die. But my dress got wet and heavy and dragged me down. Saint Barbara came to help me. I was taken by a current and brought up to the shore. A wave threw me back to the air and to the sun. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

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My daughters, instead of sleeping, secretly went to look on the newborn calf. When they came to the corral they saw the ghost of the Weeping Woman who started to chase them. They ran to the house and got sick with fear. For the next two days they were sharing and having nightmares. I prayed the Virgin of the Rosary, and she worked a miracle. Their fear has gone, and the girls sleep well now.

I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my faithful dog led me to my best cows that had got lost. We were afraid they had been stolen, but they were calmly grazing eating grass.

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I’d never had such an abundant crop of peaches like this year. The trees were loaded with peaches, and the fruits were big as oranges. I was very proud, but then suddenly came a flock of birds. There were hundreds of them, and they began to peck my peaches. I didn’t know hot to scare them away. They were ruining my crop. Then two dogs came and started barking so loudly that the birds flew away. I’m sure it was Saint Francis who sent me these dogs and worked the miracle of saving my crop. I adopted these dogs, and they guard my garden now.

My great-grandmother is so old, she couldn’t remember how old is she. One day she asked me to let the birds that lived in her house free. They were making so her happy but she said I must to do it so the birds would open the path for her soul since she was thinking she was about to die. I freed the birds, and they flew to the sky. But later they all came back, they stayed in my great-grandmother’s garden and kept making her happy flying in the trees.

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I was sleeping peacefully in my bed when I felt like floating. I opened my eyes and saw that I was being abducted by little purple extraterrestrials who were carrying me to their spaceship. Terrified, I invoked the Virgin of Zapopan, and the next moment my dog came and started barking furiously at the aliens. They got scared and dropped me. I ran to the house and locked myself inside. I was saved from horrible experiments these little men would have done on me.

My late husband was very jealous when he was alive. When don Pascual, the hardware store’s owner, started to court me after me being a widow for many years, the angry ghost of my husband Jose began to appear at night. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for her intervention so Jose would let me in peace. The Holy Virgin made the miracle, and the ghost didn’t come back, even despite the fact I accepted the Pascual’s courtship.

I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan because I met a good, handsome and loving man whom I marry. We are deeply in love with each other, and our marriage will be very happy. We will live our life together and will love each other very much.

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