Selva Prieto Salazar

An angry bull ran after Joaquin and Lara Ramirez. It escaped from the San Pedro ranch. The children prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and the animal stopped chasing them and began to eat plants from the fence. Señora Ramirez offers this retablo on behalf of her children.

July 7, 1941

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I was sick and was laying in the bed. One night, the Death came to my bedroom with the scythe, ready to take my life. I grabbed the crucifix to scare the Death, but he saw so many of them, he didn’t care. But my dog, however, seeing the bony legs and thinking that it was her dinner, ran joyfully for them. The Death got scared, ran away and never came back. Next morning I felt better. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for saving my life.

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My two daughters got into the storeroom where we kept our watermelon harvest and began to eat them. They were eating and eating them and didn’t feel that they ate too much. They felt so bad afterwards. I was afraid for them and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha to help them. The saint took mercy on my girls, and the next day they were feeling better. I thank for that.

The neighbor cat came to sit at the wall fence with her kittens. My daughter took a chair and climbed the wall to play with them. While playing, Juanita lost her equilibrium and fell on the broken pot. She cut her arm and leg. Seeing her all in blood, I prayed the Holy Child the Savior for help. Thanks to him the cuts weren’t so deep so there was no need for stitches.

I went to the river to do the laundry. But since it was very hot, I laid down to sleep on the beach, in a shadow where it felt cool. I was dreaming of a handsome man who looked me in the eyes while talking about love. When I woke up I saw that it was a crocodile who was looking in my eyes. It was very close. Thank heaven for giving me fast reflexes. I instantly got up and ran far away before the animal did something to me. Later I came back for the clothes. I thank for I wasn’t eaten.

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A fighting bull escaped from his corral and ran into us. The animal began to chase us, and my son Simon who is very clumsy and stumbles over his own shadow fell down. I implored Saint Quiteria so she would save him. And when the animal was about to attack my son, a cowboy came and lassoed the bull. My poor son was saved from being gored.

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It was a very hot day so my daughters went to do their homework under the big tree on the hill. They didn’t know there was a wasp honeycomb on a lower branch. When they touched it by accident, the wasp came out very furious. The girls entrusted themselves to Saint Barbara, and the saint protected them. They ran to the house without even one sting. We give thanks for this miracle.

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I thank the Virgin of the Solitude. I almost lost hope and I thought I’d never love again. But love came back to my devastated heart in the most sweet and passionate way. There will be no more long hours of loneliness that I used to live through. From now on, I’ll have a sweet and wonderful companion with whom I will share the happiness and sorrow—which I hope won’t be a lot—for the rest of my life. Thank you.

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I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because after so many years my children and my grandchildren finally come to spend the Christmas with me. I clean from the Nativity scene figures from dust, and my husband gets a beautiful Christmas tree. I’m so happy to decorate it with my grandchildren, like I did with my children at the times. Thanks for so many happiness and love.

When my daughter comes out to play her flute, all the cats from the neighborhood follow her like enchanted. It’s all like in that story about the piper and the rats, only with cats. I thank Saint Francis because as soon as she stops playing the cats go back to their homes and don’t stay with her. Otherwise, we’d have no idea what to do with so many cats in the house.

We went to visit our friends. My buddy and I drank tequila while our wives were gossiping about the people in the village. We were coming back late and saw the devil chasing us, of course because we had been bad. In fear we implored Saint Michale the Archangel, and he came to save us from the demon because he knew we weren’t bad people but just that night. The Archangel scared the devil and his horse away and sent them back to hell.

My daughters and their cousins went to the garden for some fruits but accidentally touched a wasp honeycomb which was hanging on a bottom branch. The wasps were furious, and they flew after the girls. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because she miraculously protected them and the wasps didn’t sting the girls nor the dog that was walking with them. The girls ran over very much frightened and without fruits, after such an accident.

It was late when we left the wedding celebration of our cousin Filemon. We were riding back home, and the devil himself appeared to us. He blocked our way and wanted to take us with him. But since my brother and I always wear the Virgin of San Juan’s medallions, we showed them to the devil, and he didn’t dare to come closer. He vanished with a smoke leaving the sulphur stink. We thank the Virgin for protecting us.