Selva Prieto Salazar

My son Carlos enjoyed teasing a neighbor dog. It was barking and growling throughout the door. But one day the door wasn’t shut, so the animal ran out and jumped on my boy. Only thanks to the Virgin of Zapopan’s intervention it didn’t bite him and only scared him tremendously. Since that my son won’t tease any dog.

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I married Jose a year after he became a widower when his first wife died on the day of the wedding because of indigestion after eating too much. Turned out that the ghost of the first wife was very jealous. She began to appear at nights with the angry face and scared me a lot. Then I ordered a novena for her soul, and it made the ghost to go away and rest in peace. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because now I’m happy with Jose.

My nephew who travels a lot brought me a beautiful exotic plant. I plant it in the garden, and it grew big with my care. I’m caring for my plants, I talk with them and play the music for them. One day the plants grabbed me with its sprouts. I was scared thinking it was a carnivorous plant. But then I found out it was some sort of greeting and a demonstration of love. The plant always does so when I come near. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this relationship because the plants gives us back the love we are giving them.

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June 25, 1965, Emelia Ramirez went to sell some embroidered blankets. When she cane to the patio of a big house she was immediately attacked by loads of furious geese. They tried to bite her, and, fearing that they might bite her baby, she prayed Saint Quiteria. The saint helped her to escape to the street with only two bites on her legs but none to the baby, for which she dedicates this retablo.

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I was coming back from the market and saw a pair of dogs that cornered two cats in an alley. The cats’ hair stood up, and they didn’t know where to run. I quickly grabbed them and ran away, and the dogs ran after us. I thank Saint Quiteria for we got into the church before the dogs attacked us. So I saved the cats, with the help of the saint to whom I dedicate this retablo.

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My children were great swimmers, and they love the sea. One day they escaped early and went swimming. Suddenly they were surrounded by hundreds of crabs that began to pinch them with their pincers. The children got scared and prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection. The Virgin made so the crabs calmed down and went to the other side. My children could get to the beach safe, just with few bruises. I thank the Virgin for protecting them.

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The devils tempted me to sin, and the angels, from the other side, murmured with their sweet voice to behave well. I was going crazy with so many voices in my head. Only thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of the Rosary the voices sounded less and less, until one day they totally disappeared. I don’t hear them anymore, and I thank for that miracle.

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My husband hasn’t satisfied me lately. I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that she turn him like he was before. And on 16th april he became as before. I give thanks for that.


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I received a call from a local newspaper. They asked me to bring my texts, and I got very excited. I took all my stories and poems and went to the town on my bike. But on my way there a strong wind blew in my face, and all my papers flew away. I felt like the work of few years of my life had gone. But with help of Saint Barbara I was able to pick up everything, and even my doggy helped me. It was a real miracle that I didn’t lose not one list. I thank the saint.

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My daughter was having many problems with studying arithmetic. It seemed she was trying very hard, but still she couldn’t get it. I prayed to the Holy Child of Atocha for help, and then I had an idea to invent a game with additions, extractions and multiplications. Playing this game, my girl learned it really quickly. Now she’s the best in her class in arithmetic, and I give thanks.

Since my son began to read comics he got an idea that he was also a superhero. One day he tied a tablecloth around his neck and climbed the tallest tree in our garden. When I saw him ready to jump, I ran to him invoking the Virgin of Zapopan. By a miracle he landed softly on the grass, and I could swear he even flew a little bit. I made him promise me to not do such thing again, and I hope he’ll keep his word.

It was very hot, and the *** sisters went to the river to refresh. Then they noticed a pair of crocodiles approaching toward them. They were scared and implored Saint Quiteria. Thanks to her a young man who was spying on the sisters came to save them.

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When I was going to the town to sell oranges, my donkey and I fell into a pit. I couldn’t move, and I thought I would die there, at the bottom of a dark pit. I began to pray the Virgin of Zapopan, and some time later a shepherd was walking by with his goats. He heard my screams and came to save us. I thank the Virgin because nor I, nor my donkey got hurt.