Selva Prieto Salazar

I heard some strange noise and went out to see if any animal came to eat my chicken. However it was a nagual whom I met. He grabbed me and dragged to the corn fields. My husband slept like a stone and didn’t hear me screaming. Then I invoked to the Virgin of the Rosary. The nagual got distracted with eating some crickets, and that moment I could escape. I ran and barred the door. I thank the Holy Virgin for saving me from the nagual’s claws.

When I was pregnant I felt strange movements in my stomach. I was afraid something bad could happen with my baby. So I went to a midwife. She calmed me down and explained that there was nothing to be worried about. But nevertheless, she gave me to drink some remedy to take off my anxiety. I left her still slightly agitated, and on my way back I met a nagual. He was surrounded by a cloud of lightning bugs. He told me that my baby would be alright and he would grow up healthy and strong man, and also kind and clever. I thank Saint Raymond because this vision really calmed me down and I even felt myself very happy.

My children are pretty good swimmers, and sometimes they go swimming far from the shore. One time they found themselves surrounded by octopuses. They grabbed them with its tentacles and pulled them. The children got frightened, but since I always entrust them to the Virgin of San Juan, she protected them. Instead of pulling my kids to the sea, the octopuses pulled them towards the shore like dolphins. I give thanks for the miracle.

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I have no idea how corn devils came to my kitchen. They began to cause mischief, they broke plates and pans, spilled the oil and even overflowed the fire of the stove putting us in a danger. We prayed to San Pascual Baylon for help, and the saint sent us a beautiful black cat. As the devils are afraid of cats, they ran away when they saw it. Now the cat lives in the kitchen, and the devils won’t approach it anymore.

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My fiancé Filemon and I tried to get married for many years but it was always that something unexpected happens and we have to cancel the wedding. I was losing any hope to get married. Then I decided to pray the Virgin of Zapopan every night, and she worked a miracle. This time everything was perfect, and we played the wedding. Everyone was happy to see us finally married. And I know that after so many stumbles we are going to be very happy.

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My boyfriend left me and went to another woman. I was depressed. I was going along the cliff and thinking to jump to the sea so I could end with this love pain. I was looking down at the waves crushing on the rocks and suddenly I slipped and fell down. While falling I realized that I definitely don’t want to die and no men is worth to be smashed over rocks because of him. I implored the Virgin of Zapopan and fell into the sea between the rocks. I could swim out. I thank for this miracle because now I could love again and find someone who’s better then that one who dumped me.

I decided that we were going to visit the grand-mother Refugia who lived all alone and very far away. So I went with my children but on our way we were caught by a thunderstorm with many lightnings. I was afraid they would hit us. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and she protected us <…>

Graciela Beltran went to visit her aunt. When she got back two days later she found out that her house was invaded by lizards, snakes and even an iguana. The reptiles were walking freely around the sitting-room, kitchen, bedroom, they were sitting in the bathroom, some of them even got in her bed. Graciela was in despair and had no idea how to get rid of those creatures. When she threw one of them out, more of these crawled back to her house. She implored the Virgin of Zapopan, and the Virgin got rid of them very quickly. Who knows where she led them, but they were gone and left the house.

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For weeks, I was coming back with the empty net because there were no fish at all. But one day I met mermaids. I looked at them mesmerized, and they came closer out of curiosity. They gave me some fish. The mermaids just sang, fish swam over to them, and the mermaids took the fish and threw it in my boat. I go to the mermaids every since, and they give me fish. Now we have a lot of food at the house, and I thank Saint Raphael the Archangel for this amazing miracle.

My son David loved to dream and imagine himself as superhero. It sure distracted him at school. When he did the homework he was dreaming about heroical acts also. Then suddenly he started studying hard and has become the first in his class. Turned out his friend told him that a superhero need a flying supercar, and one should be a great scientist to build that. So it means to study a lot. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this change.

The day of the wedding, I got a lot of doubts and got scared of marriage. I was so frightened I ran off the wedding. My parents and my fiancé were screaming behind my back and called me back. I heard their voices but kept running. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for I finally calmed down. I sat under a tree to make my mind. Then I come back right before the start of the ceremony. I wasn’t scared anymore. Now I’m very happy with my husband, and I understand that my doubts came out of the fear of my new life because I had no idea how it could go.

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I enjoy cooking very much. I think that’s why my food taste so good—I make it with all my love. My cooking is so good that even the angels come over to my kitchen to eat something. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me such passion and this wonderful gift.

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We thank the Virgin of Zapopan for letting us to witness an unforgettable scene of the annual flight of the witches to their gathering in Catemaco. The witches fly stealthy, and there’s very few people who saw them flying. But since it was full moon we could see them clearly, and it was marvelous.

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