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Virgin of Juquila, thank you for your help, for saving my brother when he fell into a river and was almost bitten by a caiman.

Teodoro Puebla Lima — November, 19, 1947

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We thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for helping us to get to the United States when we were crossing Rio Bravo. The current was strong, and the river was dragging us so we couldn’t swim. But you helped us, and we got to USA to find job and earn some money to live.

The Martinez family
Los Angeles, California, July 20, 1940

Pedro Aguilar was traveling around Amazon. He went where he shouldn’t go and was attacked by piranhas. He thanks Saint Patrick for getting out in time.

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Thank you Saint Jude Thaddeus for this miracle of safely crossing Rio Bravo when my family and I went illegally to USA looking for job.

Teodoro Llano Valdes
June 7, 1975, Queretaro

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The night of August 15, 1930, I was coming back to Zacatecas. While crossing a river, I was dragged by the current from a saddle and carried away. I was afraid to die drowning and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha. My horse saved me and dragged me to the shore. With this retablo, I testimony this miracle and ask to bless my horse for her loyalty.

Gumaro from Fresnillo, Zacatecas

Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to you for letting my sons, Juan and Pedro, cross the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) and get to USA, in spite of one of them being nearly drowned.

A grateful mother
Jalisco, 1983

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That beautiful spring day I went for a walk. Suddenly the swarm of bees flew over me. They were flying around and sitting on my body and face. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me patience to stand still and do not move. I slowly walked to the river and calmly went into the water. Then I swam away from that place as fast as I could so the bees didn’t sting me.

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I went to the river to do the laundry. But since it was very hot, I laid down to sleep on the beach, in a shadow where it felt cool. I was dreaming of a handsome man who looked me in the eyes while talking about love. When I woke up I saw that it was a crocodile who was looking in my eyes. It was very close. Thank heaven for giving me fast reflexes. I instantly got up and ran far away before the animal did something to me. Later I came back for the clothes. I thank for I wasn’t eaten.

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M.G. brings this retablo as gratitude to Saint Elias for getting pregnant after having sex with her partner on the river, although they were almost dragged by the current.

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Ruperto Pacheco was spying on the communal commissioner’s daughter while she was swimming in the river. But the branch broke off, and he fell into the water. He thanks Saint Elias with this retablo for he didn’t drown and the girl didn’t accuse him.

Chiautempan, 1920

I was coming back from the Xochimilco market in my boat feeling very happy because I had bought at a very good price five beautiful piglets to start breeding pigs with. My boat was old and quite damaged, so it started drowning because of the big weight. My piglets and I started drowning also. Thanks to the miracle of the Virgin of Zapopan—whom I’m very devoted to—we managed to float until we were saved by a tourist trajinera-boat. Although I lost my boat, I’m grateful that we are still alive and didn’t drown.

We were dragged by the current when the river burst its banks and flooded the town. We implored the Virgin of Guadalupe to protects us from this tragedy. I managed to climb a tree and saved my family from dying drowning. More people who were in danger sent to us by the nature were saved. The Virgin protected us. I bring this retablo, eternally thankful.

Thankful family, Chiapas, 2007

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I was hanging my laundry on when my daughter went to the river and was taken by the current. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because a dog appeared from nowhere and brought my daughter to the shore. After that the dog ran away. I know that dog was an angel sent by the Virgin to save my daughter.