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My wife and I thank Saint Victor with the present retablo because we were able to buy a big and very private house since we enjoy to walk around the house naked all the time. We were renting a small house before, and it was hard to be naked because our neighbors lived very close.

When I lived in an apartment my poor cats didn’t have enough place to play and didn’t go out to get some fresh air. I thank the Virgin for I got a house with a patio. Now my beloved cats—who are my company—can lay on the sun and chase lizards.

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May 13, 1962, the Rios Medina’s house got on fire. The family thanks the Virgin of San Juan for nobody was hurt and offer this retablo.

San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco

The beggar Susano Perez went to sleep in an abandoned house. But because of the rain the house collapsed. Susano thanks Saint Jude for escaping alive although badly injured.

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Aunt Clara left a house in countryside to my house. When we moved there, we found out, to our fear, that every night at 11:30 p.m., a ghost was coming out of the bathroom tap. The ghost was flying around the corridors, moaning and crying. Thanks to our prayers to the Virgin of Zapopan and tho requiem masses this soul rested in peace. We sleep calmly now and can use bathroom without being afraid of the ghost coming out.

In eternal gratitude to the EU inspectors who didn’t investigate the spending of 300 000 € in subsidies that I appropriated because I need them to buy Mercedes 800 LT and a house in Algarve which I registered on the name of my dear daughter Aninha, 4-years old.

Timotio Phirmino Browser e Morais
June 29, 2003

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for extinguishing my burning house.

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The Benitez family thanks the Lord of the Wonders with this retablo for they survived when the train derailed and the government helps them to rebuild their house.

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May your purity be blessed for ever, Virgin Mary. Thanks to you we have sold our house which we just bought shortly before. The house is cursed! Ghost, phantasms, skeletons and many others tortured me and my wife at night. I humbly thank you and bring you this retablo.

1953, Motul, Yucatan

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The former landowner noticed us one day that she had sold the building and was very sorry that we would be moved out and would have no place to live. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Saint James the Apostle because the new owner turned out to be a good person and he let us live with a fair rent. He even offered me a doorman job and arranged a nice party for us.

The Romero family
Tlalnepantla, state of Mexico

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The humble secretary Berenice Saenz needed money. So she decided to earn it with her body. She found her clients right at her workplace. So she managed to pay for her two sons’ studies—they even graduated and became professionals. She bought a house and opened a pharmacy. With this retablo, Berenice thanks the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception for protecting her all that time.

Veracruz, 1970

Raquel and Clara Garcia had seven kittens. The landlady wanted to throw them out of the apartment, because the cats made a lot of noise and sharpened their claws on the furniture, that also was rented. Raul, the nephew of Raquel and Clara, help them in such a distress and bought them a nice little house with garden. Raquel and Clara give thanks to the Virgin of San Juan, because now they’re happy and their cats are happy too.

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My dogs had five cute puppies. They were all so different so I decided to have all of them. I thank Saint Francis because my house is big enough and has a garden and I have enough money to keep all my dogs.