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I thank God because my son Juanito has recovered from the fright he had when a nagual appeared to him in form of an enormous black dog near the coal tower for being rude to his father who sent him that night to put more woods to the coal tower. The dog dragged him till the river. When he came back, all wallowed and in tears, he asked us for forgiveness, telling everything that happened, and then fell into the bed. I entrust his recovery to Our Lord, and he granted my wish.

Sorrowful mother
Villa del Carbon, State of Mexico
June 12, 1988

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Cipriano Ramos came home after working all day and wanted to make love but he saw that his wife Adelita Perez had a skeleton face. I got scared so much, I implored the Holy Heart.

Monterrey, 1972

When my buddy and I were coming back from the sowing, it was getting dark. Coyotes began to howl, and suddenly the Weeping Woman appeared to us. My buddy shat his pants from the fright. I bring this retablo to Saint James giving infinite thanks for protecting us so we could get to our hut safe and sound.

Puebla, 1908

With the present retablo, I infinitely thank Saint Peter for helping me to overcome the fear of swimming in the ocean because after watching the film “Jaws” in the movies I got a trauma and wouldn’t go swimming. But I’ve overcome it now. May you be blessed.

Raul Dominguez, Mexico

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Roberto Hernandez was watching stars at night, when a dead appeared riding horse and screaming for vengeance. He thanks the Merciful Lord with this retablo for he didn’t die out of fear and was able to escape.

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Catarina Ramos was a very timid person, but she learnt to dance striptease and now makes very good money to support her son. She thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for helping her to overcome her fears.

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I give infinite thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel for having worked a miracle of delivering me from the clutches of the vice of drugs. Every day I hallucinated that a demon abused my body, and the fear I felt made me take stronger drugs because I couldn’t control myself.

Zulema Buenrostro
San Miguel de Allende, Gto., 1979

Eufemio Rosales went to gather pulque and on his way back met a witch. He thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for he could get safely to his hut, although he and his donkey made huge shit from fear.

Puebla, 1912

My boyfriend is a fan of horror movies. I love him so I watch them together with him, although they scare me a lot. I thank Saint Benedict with this exvoto because, although I suffer while watching, I forgot all the horror scenes after the movie ends. I never have nightmares and I sleep peacefully.

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Venito Huerta almost died from fear when a two-headed skeleton chased me.

Tlaxcala, April 10, 1939

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Saint Rita of Cascia, I offer you this ex-voto thanking you for not giving me diabetes because I got very much frightened when I was passing by drunk and the Death and the Devil himself appeared to me. I ran away to my house because my stomach was bursting. But then I realized it was the Day of the Dead and people dressed up like that to ask for sweets because it’s the tradition of all Mexicans. Viva la Catrina and those who celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Grateful chilango, November 1 and 2, 2014
Mixquic, Mexico City

Holy Virgin Mary, I was afraid of flying saucers and extraterrestrials. I was praying to you every night during a month, and you delivered my head from this anxiety. Thanks for being with me. Thanks for you love for me.


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One night a pretty big gorilla got into Hilda Hurtado’s room, and she almost died from fright.

Mexico, January 22, 1974

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