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My son and I were going from town to town with our donkey selling oranges. One day we decided to take a cut through the desert and got lost. The sun was going down, and we heard hungry coyotes howling. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan, and suddenly a bird of golden light appeared from the twilight. It guided us to the road to Fresnillo. I infinitely thank for this miracle that saved our lives.

We presented before Our Virgin of San Juan to ask her so that the coyote wouldn’t eat our turkeys. The Virgin heard our prayers and worked the miracle. So when the coyote came next time, the turkeys attacked it all together. They pecked it, and the coyote ran away scared and never came back.

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I went to walk with my daughter near the forest at dawn. I noticed how we got surrounded by coyotes. I took my girl and entrusted ourselves to the Virgin of Guadalupe, because the animals seemed to be hungry. With the Virgin’s protection I walked slowly through the coyotes. They didn’t attack, so I was able to go away from there. I thank for this miracle with this retablo.

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My brother Valerio and I went to the desert to pick up some peyote. When the night fell, we couldn’t find our way back. We were scared hearing the howls of the hungry coyotes. We thank the Saint Michael the Archangel for the astonishing miracle he made, when suddenly a magic dear appeared to us. It illuminated our way and guided us off the desert avoiding any danger. Just seeing this magnificent shining animal gave us peace and brought harmony to our souls for a long, long time.