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Rutilio Prado was in the field and ate a peyote and saw many bizarre things that scared me a lot because there were colors and figures that spoke to me, but you delivered me from this bad trip.

San Luis Potosi, 1962

My sister and I went to the desert to pick peyote because our grandfather wanted to do his ceremony but his rheumatism didn’t let him walk. We picked a full basket of peyote but then we couldn’t find the way back. Night fell, and we were tired and scared. I invoked the Holy Heart, and that moment a deer appeared. He was shining in the darkness, and we followed him, and he led us to the road to our house. We thank for this light creature that saved us.

I went to San Luis desert to gather peyote. I ate some and prepared for a night. It was cold, I started drinking mezcal to warm up myself. Then a magic animal, an incandescent nagual appeared in front of me. He guided me through a marvelous magic trip full of light and hallucinating colors. I never forget what I felt, saw and learnt that night. I thank for living it through till the dawn with so much intensity.

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I thank the Holy Spirit for guiding me in my peyote trip in the desert and showing me fantastic images and hallucinations, and for having me back in conscience without any harm but with more spiritual knowledge.

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My life turned into an infinite chaos. It couldn’t go on like this any longer, so I went to the desert to meditate. One day I ate a peyote, and then the Virgin of Guadalupe sent me her angel. With his presence and his words all around began to play out in the colors of my childhood. Thanks to this magic of the Holy Virgin and this saint peyote I decided to change my life for ever. The happiness came to me, and I have more and better friends than before.

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for having guided us during our peyote trip in the desert in which we saw various wonders such as flowers of incandescent light and improbable animals that showed us the way and illuminated our path. We came back from this trip much wiser and more tolerant to the other human beings, and also more understanding.

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My brother Luis was given cookies with peyote. I didn’t know what was inside, and, since I was hungry, I ate three cookies. After that I had terrible hallucinations with demons. I though I was sticked to the ceiling. I thank Saint Barbara for I didn’t die or go crazy.

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I went to the desert to eat some peyote. Suddenly I saw a monster approaching to me. I was scared to death, but then the monster started talking with me about the life, the love and the beauty. His words came out from his mouth as colorful flowers. I wasn’t thinking about him as a monster anymore, but as an enlightened being. I felt myself happy and calm, and this feeling didn’t leave for months after that. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this amazing experience.

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I went with some friends to the desert to eat peyote. I was far behind and got lost. I didn’t know how to come back home. But suddenly a deer appeared from nowhere. It shone with rainbow colors under the starry sky. It led me to the village and then disappeared. I thank the Virgin for this miracle.

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Gregorio Aladero went to the desert to eat peyote. He thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because, although he had strange hallucinations, he wasn’t frightened and didn’t succumb to paranoia. No insect, no snake bit him. He had a lot of wonderful discoveries during his trip, so he feels happy.

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We went to the desert to gather some peyote and on our way we encountered a huge colorful nagual. We entrusted ourselves to Saint Francis and he made us invisible to the nagual’s eyes. He didn’t see us so we could escape. We thank for it.

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My brother Valerio and I went to the desert to pick up some peyote. When the night fell, we couldn’t find our way back. We were scared hearing the howls of the hungry coyotes. We thank the Saint Michael the Archangel for the astonishing miracle he made, when suddenly a magic dear appeared to us. It illuminated our way and guided us off the desert avoiding any danger. Just seeing this magnificent shining animal gave us peace and brought harmony to our souls for a long, long time.