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A spaceship landed in the village. The martians were taking the poultry from every person because no one could see them because they made themselves invisible. I thank the Holy Spirit for my dog smelled them and began to bark. The martians got scared so much they lost their invisibility, and then I could saw them. I chased them with my broom. They ran to their ship without my animals.

I thank the Virgin of Zapopan. When I was in a dating house with a great company, suddenly my wife came in. I wished the earth would swallow me up and asked the Virgin to cover me up with her cloak. The Virgin made the miracle, and my wife didn’t see me. I dedicate this retablo for that.

Guadalajara, 1966
Santos Gutierrez

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for making us invisible when the migration patrol was passing by. We were going to cross the river to get to the US and find my cousin who had already found a job for me there. I thank the Virgin for this job will help to support my family.

Anselmo Torres
Michoacan, Mexico, 1987

We went to the desert to gather some peyote and on our way we encountered a huge colorful nagual. We entrusted ourselves to Saint Francis and he made us invisible to the nagual’s eyes. He didn’t see us so we could escape. We thank for it.

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Gregorio Morales went to visit his girlfriend and met the Death who was riding her gaunt steed. Gregorio entrusted himself to the Virgin of Zapopan for not being taken by the Death, because he was so young and hadn’t experienced many things in his life. The Virgin made him invisible for the Death’s eyes. The Death passed by without noticing Gregorio. He thanks for that with this retablo.

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