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The other night I was sleeping in my room with my boyfriend Gruff and suddenly felt a malign presence, like a dead goy into me. I couldn’t move or open my eyes, but I felt I was protected. I want to thank my patron saint Jesus Malverde for that because he looks after me, and moreover he worked a miracle—I received unexpected money to pay off my debts and also got a better contract at my work.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, April 20. 2021

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I bring the present retablo to the Virgin of Juquila thanking her for letting me dedicate my life to what I’m passion about—the wrestling. I thank for my successful career that was crowned that night when I won the mask of my arch-rival Avenger Bat Jr., earning the admiration of the audience and applause.

Super Atomico

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Virgin of San Juan, I give thanks to you for letting me save my life and go well through an open heart surgery to unclog a valve that I had clogged because I’m overweight.

Alonso M.
Guadalajara, Mexico, May 27, 2010

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Drunk skeletons appeared to Rafael Contreras, they wanted to make him drunk with tequila. But he implored the Holy Face and got free from them.

Guadalajara, 1955

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for giving me tenacity and spirit to win the national championship by taking over the great Caveman in three falls matches at the Arena Coliseo in beautiful Guadalajara.

I give thanks, Lightning from Jalisco, 1959

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for appearing in the circus when a very horny horse jumped on Bigbooty the clown. I, Panfilo de Narvaez, implored you so that the children wouldn’t see such a grotesque scene.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, 1920

I was in my bed with a light fever. Suddenly I saw skeletons who came near me and began to perform a wicked dance inviting me to join them. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe to save me from this absurd act and to take the skeletons far away. I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them the miracle had been worked. I was feeling much better. I dedicate this retablo.

August 6, Guadalajara, Mexico

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I, Gallo Tapado (Dark Rooster), give my faith and devotion to Saint Jude Thaddeus, the saint whom I dedicate my career at the ring and who has looked after me and my adversaries. For this I offer my humble homage and this retablo to express my gratitude.

Gallo Tapado
Guadalajara, 1983

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I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for the success I had this season with Tania the elephant and her marvelous act that won the audience.

Celeste Atayde
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Season 1980, “Atayde” circus

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Today, May 20, 2005, I give my faith, devotion and my eternal gratitude to the Holy Virgin Mother of Mexico for many years at the ring. I offer her this small retablo, in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Mil Mascaras — Land of courageous

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I worked as a bartender in a restaurant, but it went bankrupt and was closed. I was left without job. I thank Saint Charbel for I was taken to work in a famous nightclub for men. I’m very happy because apart from making more money, the beautiful girls who work there delight the eye.

Mateo N. — Guadalajara, Mexico

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My sister and I went to the capital to study in the university but we needed money to cover our expenses. We took advantage of our beauty and started working as dancers in a night club where the pay is very good. We thank Saint Bruno for our parents don’t know about it because they would get angry and make us return to the village.

Josefina and Raquel S. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco

Since I have a good body, a friend of mine invited me to work at his club as a stripper. I accepted the offer because I’d earn very good money this way. One night I was frightened to see one of my aunts in the first row. My family didn’t know what I was doing. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because my aunt agreed to keep my secret and I promised not to tell about the places she loves to visit.

Ricardo M. ~ Guadalajara, Jalisco