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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because I survived a deadly surgery on my heart. I bring this retablo as my gratitude.

Antonio — March 11, 1985, Mexico City

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My husband Ramon had a heart condition. He was going through a delicate surgery, and the Virgin of Guadalupe made me the miracle of saving his life. I thank her with this retablo.

Rita Mora, 7 Oct. 1970

Holy Virgin, thank you for miraculously saving my son Miguelito from heart issues.

Mother, Maria Reyes
April 21, 1963

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I thank my mother Leticia who healed my heart when I was sad with her knowledge and some tea with medical herbs.

With love, Itzayana

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for saving my son after he was stabbed in heart. He’s recovered now.

Maria Aparecida de Goes
Exu, Pernambuco

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Rebeca thanks Holy Lord of Chalma for helping her to find a job as prostitute and to make enough money to pay for the heart surgery for her son whom she loves so much.

January 25, 1985

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Fransisco thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from dying during a dangerous heart surgery when he was between the life and the death. He gives the retablo for this granted favor.

January 25, 1995

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Thank you, my Angel, for hearing my laments in which I asked you to deliver me from this painful torture distressing my heart. Thank you for tearing my sorrow heart off. Now I have no pain, no sorrow, there’s nothing inside me anymore. Now there’s only you, my God, in my life.

July 2002

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When Marina Martinez was swimming in the sea, she had a congestion because she went swimming after having eaten. She lost her senses and went to the bottom because she swallowed a lot of water. But thanks to her devotion to the Virgin of San Juan the Virgin sent dolphins to help her. The dolphins took her out of the water and brought to the coast before she drowned.

I’m standing before you, Holy Virgin, with a deadly wound in my heart that was caused by a heartless woman who rejected my sincere love. I thank you for bringing me peace and healing, little by little, the wounds of my poor heart that might love again someday.

Cristobal Zambrano

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I thank the Virgin for curing my mortal heart disease.

Pedro Morales

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I loved very much my grandmother Lupita who was like mother to me. On April 7,1966 she suddenly started to feel pain in the chest. I was repeating the saint name of the Virgin of Guadalupe so that my grandmother wouldn’t die from heart attack like doña Camelia (?). And the Virgin worked the miracle. The pain was gone, and now my grandmother feels much better.

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Juan Antonio Ruiz Callo played with my husband’s pistol and deadly wounded himself. I was going to warn him and saw him shot. I implored to Saint Juadas Thaddeus for his life. The bullet went very close to the heart, and he survived. I offer this retablo for the miracle.

Pachuca, Hidalgo