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We give thanks to the Holy Lord of Chalma for getting my son Jose Juan through a dangerous heart surgery when he was between life and death.

The Gonzalez family
Santa Fe, Mexico, April 27, 1985

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On my way back from work, I was kidnapped by some bastards. Finding myself in a deadly danger, I entrusted myself to God asking him not to let something bad happen to me. I was able to untie myself and, with their first slip-up, ran away. I didn’t care that I was naked, because in that way I saved my life.

Damaris M.
Santa Fe, Mexico, February 10, 2015

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Señor Fransisco gives infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe because his buddy Antonio is doing well after a pipe fell on him when the crane cable snapped. He testifies his gratitude with this for granting him recovery.

January 25, 1990, Santa Fe, Mexico

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Happy and thankful, I dedicate the present retablo to you, Virgin of Guadalupe, because viagra appeared in my life and this painful illness disappeared. Now I can satisfy my wife in bed as she likes it. My marriage is saved. In my age, I tried viagra, and we both enjoyed pleasure of it. We are very happy in our intimate life. Viva la Viagra!

Señor Chan
Santa Fe, Mexico City, 1999

Virgin of San Juan, I thank you because I was able to satisfy my neighbor thanks to the fact that there is viagra. She is too damn hot, and I was craving for her for a long time. I also ask you, Virgin, that my wife would never find out about my affair, and I promise never cheat on her again.

Angel, Santa Fe, Mexico City
February 10, 2017