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In 1917 in Chiautempan my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Raymond because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

Aniseto Pantoja

My husband and I organized the New Year’s Eve party in our house. We all got drunk, and I ended up having sex with my husband’s colleague. I wholeheartedly thank Saint Raymond because my husband has never found out about it. Although I feel remorse, it was an emotional and exciting adventure.

Thank you, Virgin of Carmel, my old man didn’t find out that I put horns on him with our neighbor each time he goes on a business trip.

Oaxaca, Mexico, 1969

Give me comfort, my Saint Jude, so I would accept that my wife has changed me for her best girl friend.

Jonatan Vega

Thanks, Souls of the Purgatory, for Roberto didn’t notice Sancho who hid well under the bed. I, Barbara Reyes, give infinite thanks for he didn’t see him.

Mexico, August 5, 1980

I thank you, Virgin of the Solitude, for saving my life when the old man my neighbor caught me in his house and started shooting at me. Thanks to you I could escape with nary a scratch, just frightened.

Jasinto Lopez, Oaxaca, Mexico, 1968

Forgive me, Saint Jude, for cheating on Lalo with the milkman but I couldn’t resist the temptation.

Luigi Ocampo

We thank you, Virgin of Carmel, for saving us from my old lady who wanted to kill us only for chatting and making us comfortable.

Jose and girlfriend, Oaxaca, Mexico

I knew it! I suspected that my girlfriend was unfaithful to me. So I started spying on her. Thanks to Jesus because now I know that she is not worth it and now I have the pretext to send her to hell.

Olav Hansen
17–07–2018, Bergen, Norway

I, Casimira Sanchez, thank Saint Francis of Assisi because my husband won the booby prize with me. Being so excited in the circus he didn’t even see that a dark black man who stayed near me touched my hand and that three our kids look like him.

Huimanguillo, Tabasco, 2011

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for having a happy home and a nice partner. I used to live with a partner who was putting horns on me and didn’t help me at all. However, it’s all different with Adrian. When he comes from work—he returns earlier than me—he does cooking and cleaning. I’m so in love with him for that, and he’s also very sweet and loving with me.

Celso Lara, Mexico City, 1965

Simetrio Enrique Fuentes dedicates this retablo because my wife Susana caught me in the bath with my gay martian boyfriend and hit us with a stick.

Mexico, March 1980

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for helping me solve my problems. I noticed strange behavior in my husband. He began to dress up and put perfume on, and every third day he went out telling me he was going to see his mom. He knew that I don’t talk with his mom and he thought I wouldn’t go to look for him at her house. So one night I followed him. I imagined he’d sneak in some brothel that we have in four blocks from my house. But what a surprise I had—he was hugging and kissing another man. That I couldn’t stand and I kicked him out because he turned to be a faggot.

Rebeca Moreno
Mexico City, 1959