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1915, Chiautenpan, Plutarco Sandoval met a bull on his way out of a bar. The bull started to chase him. Plutarco thanks the Holy Virgin for the bull didn’t get him and he only shat his pants out of fear.

1914, in Chiautempan, my buddy caught me on the mat with his wife. He started to shoot at us. I give infinite thanks to Saint Pancras because bullets didn’t hit me. She took them all.

I was in my drugstore when the Zapatistas arrived and took my wife and my mother-in-law. I thank the Holy Child of Atocha for they didn’t see me.

Santa Ana Chiautempan, 1914

Because her husband became a man of loose morals, Ramona Aguilar beat him with a stick. He got seriously injured and couldn’t recover for a long time. She prayed to St. Pancras in despair, and the husband got better very soon. She brings this retablo in order to thank for such an exceptional favor.

Chiautenpan, 1920