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Señora Canute Bermejo was ordered to make mole for the master’s wedding but it turned sour. She was heartbroken and implored Saint Paschal for help, and the mole stayed good. She gives infinite thanks for, although everyone suffered diarrhea, nobody kicked the bucket.

Puebla, 1927

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The Diarrhea twin brothers, acrobats, give their infinite gratitude to the Divine Child of Prague, with this retablo, for that day when they had a very wet diarrhea, and they climbed up the trapeze, and the Child miraculously stopped their wet shits. Shitting hemorrhoids.

Aguascalientes, 2006

Maleno Romero had diarrhea and strong pains in stomach for several days. To such degree that when he was cross arm drinking with his buddy in the canteen he dropped a poop. Since no remedy would help him, he implored Saint Pancras, and was cured. He fervently thanks him for that.

Puebla, 1914

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When my buddy and I were coming back from the sowing, it was getting dark. Coyotes began to howl, and suddenly the Weeping Woman appeared to us. My buddy shat his pants from the fright. I bring this retablo to Saint James giving infinite thanks for protecting us so we could get to our hut safe and sound.

Puebla, 1908

The girl Carolina Perez ate an entire box of chocolates and got herself a diarrhea that wouldn’t stop. She’s infinitely grateful, with this retablo, to the Child Doctor for her recovery and promise not to be so sweet-toothed.

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Eufemio Rosales went to gather pulque and on his way back met a witch. He thanks the Virgin of the Solitude for he could get safely to his hut, although he and his donkey made huge shit from fear.

Puebla, 1912

Saint Rita of Cascia, I offer you this ex-voto thanking you for not giving me diabetes because I got very much frightened when I was passing by drunk and the Death and the Devil himself appeared to me. I ran away to my house because my stomach was bursting. But then I realized it was the Day of the Dead and people dressed up like that to ask for sweets because it’s the tradition of all Mexicans. Viva la Catrina and those who celebrate the Day of the Dead!

Grateful chilango, November 1 and 2, 2014
Mixquic, Mexico City

I thank Saint Patrick for being so lucky to get sick with diarrhea so I couldn’t go to work in the government quarter.

22–07–2011, Oslo

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A teacher Nicolasa Guzman brings this retablo to Saint John Bosco giving him infinite thanks for her pupils didn’t notice that she had diarrhea and even dropped some poop.

Puebla, 1949

Lord of Chalma, I thank you for delivering me from dying being shot by my girlfriend’s father when he caught me painting a graffiti on his house. I was so fucking scared I got diarrhea that wouldn’t stop for fifteen days. Now I’m fine, and I promise not to do this again.

Angel V.
Barrio Norte, Mexico City, February 14, 1999

Victor and Cesar Martinez, we dedicate this to Saint Francis because we were fucking scared when that damned nagual appeared to us and gave us a tremendous chase. It even made us sober up and shit so tremendously that nothing could stop it. But now we are safe and healthy. We promise not to drink anymore.

San Francisco Chimapla, State of Mexico
October 4, 1990

When Emeterio Ribera walked out of the pub he met the ghost of the hanged man. He even got sober right away He thanks Saint Pacnras for it didn’t hurt him and he only shit his pants from fear.

Puebla, 1915

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Fidel Quiroz ate green cherimoyas and got a diarrhea. No remedy would help him, and he implored the Holy Child of Atocha. Fidel got better, could play with his team and even won the championship. He thanks for that.

Puebla, 1945

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