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I thank the Holy Child Doctor of the Sick for granting me with health so I could back to boxing. A Canadian boxer knocked me down very strongly and I was told I wouldn’t be able to box ever again. And then we met at the ring once again, only this time I won the championship. I dedicate the present ex-voto with all my heart.

Juan “The Falcon” Mendez
Toluca, 1977

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He was refereeing a street soccer match and was attacked by various players while marking a penalty. They sent him to the hospital. He thanks Saint John Bosco because he’s recovered and the culprits are in jail.

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The American football player was caught by his coach while fucking a cheerleader in the locker. He thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for he wasn’t kicked out of the team but just suspended for three games.

Day before his fight, Ruperto Rivero got sick with a diarrhea. Since no remedy could help him, he implored the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ruperto recovered and won the fight. He thanks for that.

Mexico, 1948

The girl Bernarda Carrion brings this retablo thanking Saint John Bosco a lot for granting her the favor of winning the 100-meter freestyle competition.

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I was participating in a powerlifting competition, and, trying to hard, I farted during my attempt. I made myself a laughing stock before the judges. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Holy Child of Atocha because despite this incident I took the second place. With the money I won, I could help my parents to open their shop.

Rufino Valdez, Yucatan

The Suarez brothers, Ernesto and Pedro, were fighting at the final of the local boxing tournament. That boxing match was so intense it ended with tie. Both brothers received the rewards. They thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this achievement.

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I’m asking the Virgin of Guadalupe for luck and strength so I could win the Golden Gloves tournament.

Frivolito Santos

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Marcela Suarez thanks Saint James for her son played American football very well and thats why he received a grant for studying abroad. He will be the first in the family who will make a career.

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The great day came, when El Canelo should confront Mayweather. They were going even but it ended bad for El Canelo.

Pablo Telles tried to make a new weightlifting record and hurt his knee in this attempt. He thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for his recovery although he won’t lift weights ever again.

I liked American football a lot. It was my passion so I was even picked up by the university team. Although I was warned that this kind of sport isn’t for me because of my low stature and light weight. I thank Saint Judas Thaddeus for I realized my mistake in time and left the team before they sent me to the hospital after so many blows. I’d better watch the game as a spectator.

Juan Luna
Mexico City

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Luis Ramirez thanks Saint John Bosco with this retablo for not losing his sight after received a tremendous blow during a fight in the ring.

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