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Holy Virgin of Juquila, thank you for saving my life during a heavy earthquake. Everything began to fall, but the Virgin took pity on me, and I came out safe and sound.

Ana Gomez Villanueva
Tlalpan, March 13, 1953

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Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for giving me strength I needed to win this race. I was trying so hard.

Odilon Cortez, May 18, 1960

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Holy Mother, Blessed Virgin of Calendaria, we are thankful. Our house got on fire, and our grandmother stayed inside. Thanks to the Virgin’s help, the firemen arrived in time to save my granny.

Zacatecas 26–2–1935
Roberta and Minerva Cuevas

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving my life and all the crew. It was an incredible and in the same terrifying experience that happened with a flight from Havana to Mexico. We were chased by strange ships that almost made me crash.

Captain Victor Varas
Mexico, 1969

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San Luis Potosi, 31-12-1960

Virgin of Juquila, I thank you for protecting me on the New Year’s night when a thief broke into my apartment. The most valuable thing I had was my saxophone, but he didn’t know that it was under my bed. The thief had enough time to take out everything, and I slept like a log. But he didn’t know that a neighbor noticed him in a window. Thanks to the Virgin, the police caught him and I got my things back.

Vicente Lucas

I was catching some shrimps, when suddenly an alligator appeared. I was frightened, because I only had a knife. I prayed the Virgin of Sorrows, and she showed her mercy. She helped me, because all of a sudden a good man with a pistol came and saved me.

Miguel Limantor Rocha
Yucatan — July 10, 1954

I give you my thanks, Virgin of the Solitude. Thanks to your mercy I was saved. I fell while surfing. I was covered by the big wave and lost my conscious. But thanks to the Virgin’s miracle I was saved in time and I avoided terrible consequences.

Augusto Peña Aragon
Zicatela, Oaxaca, August 10, 1969

Virgin of Juquila, thank you for your help, for saving my brother when he fell into a river and was almost bitten by a caiman.

Teodoro Puebla Lima — November, 19, 1947

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April 30, 1930, we were performing in Villahermosa, Tabasco. During the lion taming act the tamer received a strong scratch and even his clothes were torn and his skin was cut. The furious animals was about to attack him again and we thought it should kill the tamer. But suddenly the Holy Virgin made a miracle and saved his life.

The Maravilla circus
Matias Lopez Espinosa
Villita de Guadalupe, October 30, 1932

Juan Pablo Rodrigez desperately asked the Virgin fro help. His sheep fell into the water, and he thought they were going to drown. The Virgin helped him, and he give thanks.

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Jesus Malverde, we thank you for your protection. We passed over an hour in a hard confrontation. But when we almost ran out of bullets, we managed to escape safe and unharmed, with the goods.

Pablo Aurilla
Coahuila, 2—22—75

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Sunday, April 14, 1945, after many prayers to Saint Anthony, Lucita, who had been put by her own father in the Saint Ines convent as a novice, finally resigned. I thank with this retablo for now we have four kids.

Cresencio Magaña

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