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I give you my thanks, Virgin of the Solitude. Thanks to your mercy I was saved. I fell while surfing. I was covered by the big wave and lost my conscious. But thanks to the Virgin’s miracle I was saved in time and I avoided terrible consequences.

Augusto Peña Aragon
Zicatela, Oaxaca, August 10, 1969

When Miguel Martinez was swimming in the sea, he had a congestion. He lost his senses and went to the bottom. But thanks to his devotion to the Virgin of San Juan the Virgin sent dolphins to help him. The dolphins took him out of the water and brought to the beach before he drowned. Miguel is infinitely grateful t the Virgin and offer her this retablo.

A tough wrestler gave a powerful flying blow to the face of Pettirojo that he lost his conscience. He thanks Saint John Bosco because nothing serious happened and he only got few stitches.

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Alejandro S. was getting married and felt sick during the reception and fell on the cake. He gives thanks to Saint Jude with this retablo because his fiancée was understanding although she laughed at him afterwards.

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The young man Rodolfo Palasios was hit unconscious in an American football game. His mother thanks the Child of Atocha for his recovery.

When I was swimming, two beautiful mermaids appeared. They were flirting with me waving their tails and splashing in the water. I was taken with their iridescent beauty. I stopped for a moment, they came closer to me and then pulled me down to the bottom. I was lacking air, so I prayed Saint Barbara. She might have come to help me because I think I fainted and then woke up on the beach. I thank for being alive.

Virgin of Juquila, thank you for your favors. I miraculously survived after being gored by the bull. I was going cool as a cucumber when the bull attacked me from behind. When he hit me, I went unconscious. Also, I’d like to thank a mister who brought me to his house and tamponed my wounds to stop bleeding. He went for a doctor, and I quickly recovered.

Roque Garcia, 1963

Señora Malena hit her head at the market. When she gained her consciousness she found out all the inhabitants turned into skeletons. <…> She thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for <…> everything was back to normal.

Ricardo Lezama was afraid of clowns. One day he met few of them in a bus. He panicked and fainted. However, Ricardo thanks Saint James for what happened because it helped him to begin to overcome his fear.

Ricardo Vivanco, 24-years old, being slightly drunk, was coming back from the family celebration at 2 a.m. He was going through the de la Luz neighborhood when he saw a beautiful woman. She called him. Influenced by wine, he approached her obediently and hug her. He can’t remember anything after that. He gained his conscience bad at 11 a.m. founding himself lying in the San Francisco river. Fortunately, he was lying at shallows. He thank Saint Francis of Assisi for helping him. He brings this retablo as gratitude.

Puebla de Zaragoza
January 1955

My son Jose was playing an angel in a school play, and his rope broke down. He fell down, hit his head and lost his conscience. When he woke up he decided he was really an angel. I payed to the Virgin of Zapopan so that my son came back to his senses. Three days later, the Virgin worked a miracle and Jose got his memory back. I thank the Virgin because otherwise his behavior was very dangerous while he was being an angel—he was constantly trying to fly off the roof.

January 1947, near the Guanajuato river, Tomas Ramirez was attacked by three men—two were beating him and the third man, with a gun, shot him in stomach. Tomas fell unconscious. The bullet remained inside. A surgery was performed to avoid any infection. Tomas entrusted himself to the miraculous image of Saint Francis of Paola and little by little got better. Now he’s offering this retablo to keep the miracle in mind.

The night of March 22, the friend of Filemon Garcia, who had been considered disappeared, brought him to his house. Turned out that Filemon had been so drunk he had been unconscious for three days in the house of a friend who had also been drunk. His wife, doña Cruz, thanks the Virgin of Zapopan because neither something bad happened with her husband, nor he left her for another woman, as she had thought.