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Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your help. I was talking with my ex-pimp Armando so that he would give me back my belongings because he didn’t live with me anymore and lived with Ramona. She came out of the brothel door and attacked me from behind hitting me with a bottle. We fell on the ground where she kept beating me until I lost my conscience. I couldn’t recover for a long time. I asked the Virgin to heal me and so that my head would be alright until I was fully recovered.

Marina Peña
Mexico City, 1955

I give thanks to Saint Pancras with this retablo for meeting the painter Frida because she helped me to get free from my abusive pimp.

Cayetana Jimenes
Puebla, 1947

Don Oton Ruiz, the owner of the bar, was arrested on the charge of sex trafficking. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus for the situation was cleared out, and he promises not to hire broads anymore since they only bring problems.

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Thank you, Holy Child of Atocha, for your favors. I was talking with Mariana about our decision to live together. We were staying near the cabaret where she worked and where we had met each other. Suddenly I felt acute pain in my chest. It was the Mariana’s ex-pimp who shot me. But thanks to the saint the bullet didn’t hit the heart but split my collarbone. After that I asked at my work to transfer me to Monterrey where we started our new life.

Lorenzo Lozada
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 1962

Teofila R. thank Saint Charbel with this retablo because after many years of suffering, humiliation and bad treatment he managed to get rid of her pimp.

Mexico, 1939

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I, Angelica Pilar Relles, dedicate this ex-voto to the Virgin of Guadalupe because I work as a whore in Merced, and there are robberies, the police, pimps, clients, illnesses in my life, and the Virgin helps me.

January 9, 1979

I thank Saint Anthony for all the good things happened with me. When I worked in a cabaret I had a lot of problems. They paid me very little, and my pimp took a big part of my earnings. One day I made up my mind and went to Texas, USA. I rented an apartment, and now my clients come to visit me and give me big dollars.

Sofia Macias
Texas, US, 1966

Oh, Virgin of the Incarnation, thank you for the marvelous miracle when you saved me from my fiancé who happened to be a pimp. He wanted me to work for him. I beg you, for the love of God, that he’d need came back to me and you helped me.

Laguera Rodriguez
Mexico, 1930

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