Viridiana Canseco Hernández

I was so devastated by my relationship with my family and friends, I moved to Guadalajara. Since I didn’t study, I couldn’t find a job. So I went to prostitute myself, and I like this job.

Tonala, Jalisco
Jose Pichardo, 1987

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for having a happy home and a nice partner. I used to live with a partner who was putting horns on me and didn’t help me at all. However, it’s all different with Adrian. When he comes from work—he returns earlier than me—he does cooking and cleaning. I’m so in love with him for that, and he’s also very sweet and loving with me.

Celso Lara, Mexico City, 1965

Virgin of Guadalupe, thanks for you favors. With great pain in my heart but this was my decision—I had left my husband. I love him very much but I couldn’t live like this. I had to obey his orders and let him beat me with sexual objects to get him satisfied because he is a sadomasochist.

Maricarmen Dario
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, 1968

Virgin of San Juan, thank you for your help. I was talking with my ex-pimp Armando so that he would give me back my belongings because he didn’t live with me anymore and lived with Ramona. She came out of the brothel door and attacked me from behind hitting me with a bottle. We fell on the ground where she kept beating me until I lost my conscience. I couldn’t recover for a long time. I asked the Virgin to heal me and so that my head would be alright until I was fully recovered.

Marina Peña
Mexico City, 1955

Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for helping me solve my problems. I noticed strange behavior in my husband. He began to dress up and put perfume on, and every third day he went out telling me he was going to see his mom. He knew that I don’t talk with his mom and he thought I wouldn’t go to look for him at her house. So one night I followed him. I imagined he’d sneak in some brothel that we have in four blocks from my house. But what a surprise I had—he was hugging and kissing another man. That I couldn’t stand and I kicked him out because he turned to be a faggot.

Rebeca Moreno
Mexico City, 1959

Holy Face of God, thank you for your favors. It happened that I got drunk and fell asleep. There was no light so I put a candle. The wind tossed the curtain to the candle, and it took fire. Then some plastic bags on the table took it as well. The fire got to the wooden floor, it started burning. Thanks to a young man who passed by and saved my life. I was only slightly intoxicated but pulled through.

Faustino Montoya
Mexico, 1985

Saint Charbel, thank you for your deeds. I thank for helping out to my daughter to go on studying. I had to become a prostitute after my husband left us and I got an accident at work. I accidentally put my hand in a die and lost my arm. They had to give me a prosthesis. I thank for my daughter has finished nursing school.

Faustina Flores
Mexico City, 1964

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for protecting me. I took advantage of my husband being drunk and managed to escape. When my husband went to drink, he used to chain me in the house so I wouldn’t go out. That’s how jealous he was. When he came back from the street I asked him to unchain me to go to the bathroom. He did so. When I finished in the bathroom I noticed that my husband fell asleep. I ran away and hid myself in shrublands. Then I saw my husband walking near me with a whip in his hand—to whip me. I was very scared and decided to leave him. I went to the capital to my aunt and uncle and save myself from this cruel man.

Laura Mejia, Mexico City, 1952

Saint Charbel, thank you for your favors. I’m very glad to be with Marcelo because he accepted me as I am. He knew I prostitute myself. He keeps me very happy with his food because he’s a chef. He’s also etching me to cook. When I learn it I quit prostitution. Want to change my life and get a more decent job.

Pablo Ortega
Mexico City, 1970

I was enjoying a vacation at the beaches of India when after an earthquake came the tsunami. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so she would save me from death. Although, I was swept and suffered some injuries, miraculously I came out alive. I offer this in memory.

Pedro Saldivar. Mexico City, 2004

Saint Charbel, thank you. There were five of us hiding in a trench. When we saw the Dorados of Villa coming we went out screaming that we gave up. Right away I got a bullet in my chest and fell down. I survived by a miracle. I was lucky that the bullet came through and didn’t touch my heart. My four comrades, however, were killed. I thank Saint Charbel with this retablo for getting alive.

Elpidio Barrios

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St. Jude Thaddeus, thank you for sending me happiness. One day I was walking to Cuernavaca and I wanted some cold beer. I went to a bar, and there I met Ernesto. This young man dragged my attention right away. Also I liked his mole. In short we started talking, and now we’re a couple. I won a lottery with this guy. We are madly in love.

Edgar Alvarado
Temixco, Morelos, 1965

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for the happiness you gave me. I was looking for a partner so long and then I met Enrique, a boy from the capital. We began to date. I found the real love with him. Before him I had been treated very badly and bullied. My father had even kicked me out of house at midnight with a thunderstorm outside.

Oscar Muñoz
Acapulco, Guerrero, 1962