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I give many thanks for the grace granted me by the Virgin of Guadalupe! Being knowledgeable about the events that are taking place in my country and knowing that the are causing me great pain, January 20, 2018, she, with her great love and wisdom, gave me a vision about the future and divine justice, soothing my sorrows. Viva the Virgin!

I offer this ex-voto in gratitude for all the charges against me were dropped because of the statute of limitations, delivering me from big troubles and anxiety.

August 2003
Lisbon, Alenquer

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Ricardo Perez was born a little person. But thanks to the Divine Just Judge it didn’t stopped him to carve out a career as a lawyer.

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Mrs. Debbie Nathan dedicates this retablo to her colleagues from MCLAP (Mexican Capital Legal Assistance Program) and to the clients who had a great courage to cross the border and one day got involved in sad situations and now they are facing the death penalty. We, from MCLAP, are fighting for our dearest clients’ lives. We are also facing the danger going in the regions terrorized by the drug-traffic. Let the forces and the spirits, natural and supernatural, protect us so we could continue to live and enjoy our lives in our neighbor countries.

New York — Mexico City 2011
Bless our way!

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R. M. was caught by the police for necrophilia. He thanks Saint James because the judge sent him to the psychiatric institution and not to the prison, where he would have been treated very badly.