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I finished my university studies as a lawyer. But few months passed by and I couldn’t find a job. Then I agreed to work as a clown at children parties because of my financial needs. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Martin the Cavalryman because I’ve finally found a job I studied for, since my every encounter with mischievous and uneducated children was a nightmare.

Clown Littletickle \ Campeche, Mexico

Señor Antonio Velez thanks Saint Nicholas for helping him to pass a professional lawyers exam, although he hadn’t been prepared very good. He brings the present retablo for such a particular favor.

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Fernando Ramirez had a marvelous idea to smuggle cocaine in his stomach. But the customs officers found out about it and made him to expel it. Fernando gives thanks to Saint Elias because he found an excellent and influent attorney so he would get out of prison soon.

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Alfonso Fernandez was caught at his home by the police for producing counterfeit money. He thanks the Virgin of San Juan for having a great lawyer so he didn’t get many years in jail. He promises to put himself on a righteous way.

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Ricardo Perez was born a little person. But thanks to the Divine Just Judge it didn’t stopped him to carve out a career as a lawyer.

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