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I give infinite thanks to Saint Paschal Baylon to commend my dog Pancho to eat a red snapper that was spoiled and to save us all from a serious illness. I beg, please, always bless this kitchen.

July 3, 1893, Ciudad del Carmen

I was left without a job and I couldn’t pay my rent. Then I got an idea to put sexy clothes on and to flirt with my landlord to make him forgive me the payment. I didn’t count, however, that he would be with his wife that day. When she saw me, she went furious. I thank the Holy Lord of Chalma because the landlord managed to calm his wife and they didn’t kick me pit after this. I promise not to have such ideas anymore.

Silvia S. \ Campeche, Mexico

I finished my university studies as a lawyer. But few months passed by and I couldn’t find a job. Then I agreed to work as a clown at children parties because of my financial needs. I’m infinitely grateful to Saint Martin the Cavalryman because I’ve finally found a job I studied for, since my every encounter with mischievous and uneducated children was a nightmare.

Clown Littletickle \ Campeche, Mexico

I’m thankful to you, Saint Barbara, for blessing my kids and saving them from that demoniac encounter which happened while they were playing. They told me about it when they came home all pale and frightened.

Amanda Carril and kids
Campeche, 1938

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Virgin of Guadalupe, I thank you for quitting this vice of marijuana addiction although it happened in a very macabre manner—with seeing all those skeletons in my madness.

Campeche, 1944

I was thinking about my boyfriend and lost the sense of time while dying the client’s hair. When I saw what I’m doing, the lady’s hair were already green. I was scared she would yell at me, so I prayed the Lord of Chalma. He heard me, and the lady believed me when I told her that it was a last fashion trend. She was so happy, she even tipped me.

Cecilia Hernandez

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I, Arturo Sanchez, captain of the Mexican marines, thank Saint Dominic and dedicate him this retablo because with his help I met a four-star general don Ramon Salgado. He treated me with the utmost respect and patronized me giving good recommendations to my superiors. After that I was promoted to lieutenant colonel with my own private office.

Campeche, 1979

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I got a job as a popular dinosaur Barnaby. I couldn’t imagine the worst that would happened. At every children-party I was sent the kids used to kick me and do dirty tricks on me all the time. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus for I finally found another job which is more quiet and safe for me.

Pedro Cortez
Campeche, Mexico

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