Saint Barbara

Santa Barbara

I lived alone with my dog on a piece of land almost entirely surrounded by water, and we were happy in our world. One day, when sea ran high, we saved a beautiful girl from the water. Her boat had sunk. Since the moment we saw her, we feel in love with her, and she returned our love some time later. Now three of us live in this small and beautiful world of sand and sea.

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I dedicate the present exvoto to Saint Barbara for the talent of the great painter Vincent van Gogh, master of post-impressionism. I admire his brilliant works, especially the painting “Sunflowers”.

Jualian Bueno, Mexico

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My husband not only went to live with this bitch Lupe, but also one day he came to take our pig. But Saint Barbara gave me strength and extra courage not to let him take the pig away. I dedicate this real in gratitude.

Chonita Robles P.
San Martin Texmelucan, Tlaxcala, 1957

I went to the river to swim in a place where nobody comes. When I was drying myself off I saw an enormous crocodile stealthily approaching me. Surely, the beast swam up the river because I’ve never seen crocodiles here. Seeing that my life was in danger, I implored Saint Barbara asking for her protection. She gave me courage to keep my calm. I climbed up the rocks very slowly and then ran at full speed, and the crocodile stayed there with his opened mouth and without lunch. I thank for saving my life.

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A giant spider used to build his web over my bed every night, and it looked me down with its devil eyes. At the mornings there was no spider. I cleaned up the web, but the next night it started all over again. Finally, after many prayers to Saint Barbara, I had a dream in which the saint pierced the spider with her sword. So the next night the spider didn’t come. I thank for that.

Valentina Suarez, November 3, 1946
Xalapa, Mexico

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I came close to the edge of the cliff on my horse to feel the absolute freedom and to see the world at my feet. But the ground was soft and started to crumble. We, man and horse, fell down. By the miracle of Saint Barbara, the deadly trajectory of our fall got curved and we fell into the lake. We were so much lucky that nothing happened with us. We swam to the shore and saved ourselves.

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My boyfriend and I were going adventurous and experimenting with new things. We got an idea to make love on the roof, behind the water tank. But we didn’t figure that a neighbor would go there as well to hang her laundry. I asked Saint Barbara for help, and we got an idea to meow like cats so the neighbor didn’t catch us in act. I give thanks for that.

Karla R. ~ Pachuca, Hidalgo

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I went to look for some lost sheep when suddenly filthy demons crossed my way and began to torment my horse that got very frightened. I implored Saint Barbara, and then she came with her shining sword and chased the demons back to where they belonged. They ran to hell, leaving us in peace. I’m thanking for this miracle.

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They publish one of my story in the newspaper, and they they called me to bring more. Since I’m little bit messy, all my text were in manuscripts. I took all my papers yo let them choose what to print and went there on my bike. Right away a strong wind blew in my face, and all my papers flew away. I felt like the work of few years of my life had gone. But with a help of Saint Barbara I was able to pick up everything, and even my doggy helped me. By a miracle I didn’t lose not one list. I thank the saint for the miracle.

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I thank Saint Barbara for the miracle of my husband (?), our love and the beautiful house he built for me with his own hands.

Rancho en la playa, 2007

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At the day of my wedding my fiancé changed his mind and didn’t come to the church. Furious with rage and pain, I ran to the cape and threw myself into the sea to kill myself. But after falling into the water I imagined my skeleton in the wedding dress lying at the bottom of the sea and surrounded by corrals and seaweed. I realized I didn’t want to die. But my dress got wet and heavy and dragged me down. Saint Barbara came to help me. I was taken by a current and brought up to the shore. A wave threw me back to the air and to the sun. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

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It was a very hot day so my daughters went to do their homework under the big tree on the hill. They didn’t know there was a wasp honeycomb on a lower branch. When they touched it by accident, the wasp came out very furious. The girls entrusted themselves to Saint Barbara, and the saint protected them. They ran to the house without even one sting. We give thanks for this miracle.

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Being sailor’s daughter and grand-daughter, my daughter Aurora was able to hear the mermaid songs. I was worried seeing her running every night to the edge of the cliff captivated by the mermaids’ voices. They called her to go with them, and I ran to hold her because this singing seemed to hypnotize her. I prayed Saint Barbara for help, and she worked a miracle. Now my daughter doesn’t hear their songs. She like me hears just a distant echo.

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