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The boat with me and my dog was carried away by the storm. I lost my oars, so we were left drifting. I almost lost the hope of surviving when Saint Barbara appeared as a giant wave. She threw us to the shore, and we arrived safely. I thank for that.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for saving my son and me from shipwrecking when we went fishing in the open sea.

João Caetano da Silva
Itamaraca, PE

I thank Saint Paschal for saving us from dying when we went fishing and were caught by a sea storm.

Carlos Zuniga Morales
23th July 1975, Tampico, Tamaulipas

I was caught in the ocean by a terrible storm that destroyed my boat. I was left to drift alone in the open sea hoping for my luck. Several days passed. I was afraid to die, so I entrusted myself, with all my faith, to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe so that she would save me. I thank because a fishing boat rescued me when I was about to be eaten by few sharks that followed me. May you be blessed.

Leoncio Torres
Baja California, Mexico

I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for not letting my boat drown.

Alipio Jose da Silva
Japaratinga, Alagoas

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I went fishing but got lost in a storm. I was in the open sea. I was afraid that I’d die from thirst. But the Virgin of Guadalupe sent me two beautiful mermaids. They dragged my bot to the shore. I thank the Virgin for protection and saving me.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle of saving our ship “Ma. Catalina” when we were close to shipwreck during the storm. In despair, we prayed to you to stop the storm.

In gratitude. from the crew of “Ma. Catalina”
September 1938

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We thank the Holy Face of God because we returned home after five days in the sea. We suffered shipwreck because of a terrible storm that caught us in the open sea. We entrusted ourselves to the Holy Face, and now we tell about the miracle that happened when we were counted as dead.

August 22, 1935
Juan Tovar & Pancho Trueno
Matamoros, Tamaulipas