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I admired a famous model of men’s magazines. She was my platonic love. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Jerome because one day she entered my repair shop when her car had broken down near by. My dream to meet her came true, and she even gave me her autograph. I’m so happy.

Felix Romero \ Tampico, Tamaulipas

I give thanks to Saint Christopher for my husband hasn’t discovered my infidelity. He often makes business trips leaving me all alone at home. But our young height takes care of making my nights very pleasant. I promise to be discreet so that my Benito would never find out about this and wouldn’t ask me for a divorce.

Deborah Morales \ Tampico, Tamaulipas

With the promise “to be together till death do us apart” the boy Marquitos and his father Jose Antonio Villaseñor took off from Mexico with the illusion of prosperity. In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, together with 70 others people without documents, they got in the trailer of a truck going to Houston, Texas. After few hours of terrible agony, they were found hugging each other but with no life in them like 11 others Mexicans and 5 more Latin Americans. They all died asphyxiated and dehydrated. They were left without mercy by the mean smugglers in the town of Victoria, south of Houston. Morning of May 14, 2003, when I heard these painful news, I entrusted their souls to the Holy Virgin of the Solitude and the Lord of Chalma. I also ask to protect those who escaped the death.

Alfredo Vilchis Roque, Mexico City, 2003

I wholeheartedly thank Saint James the Apostle because after having tried on several occasions before I finally won the first place at the national championship of bass fishing. For such a miracle, I humbly dedicate this retablo.

Guillermo Carrasco
Tamaulipas, Mexico

I thank Saint Paschal for saving us from dying when we went fishing and were caught by a sea storm.

Carlos Zuniga Morales
23th July 1975, Tampico, Tamaulipas

When my girlfriend and I were walking in the park, a stunning blonde girl passed near by. I couldn’t help it and looked at her legs. Bad luck, my girlfriend noticed it and gave me a tremendous blow in the head. I thank Saint Marta because I managed to talk it over with my girlfriend so she didn’t dump me over this embarrassing misunderstanding.

Joaquin Herrera
Tampico, Tamaulipas

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My husband used to spent his days wathicng videos on the internet. He disregarded his obligations as the head of the family. I was in despair and was about to leave him. Then I prayed Saint Marta, and little by little my husband realized his mistake. He has turned to be good husband and resposnable father as he’d been before. I dedicate this humble retablo for that.

Soledad Flores
Tampico, Tamaulipas

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One morning, my brother and I went fishing. Suddenly some sharks approached us. We were so frightened, we turned pale. We entrusted ourselves to Saint Peter, and one by one the sharks went away. We thank for that, with much devotion, bringing this retablo.

Aurelio and Ponciano Benitez
Tampico, Mexico

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My husband and I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of Lourdes because she helped us to get a church permission from the monseñor Mario Andrea Arredondo, bishop of Tampico. Without this permission we couldn’t get married since we are cousins.

The tamer Teofilo Rosales thanks Saint Catherine the Martyr because she helped him to tame lions and other wild animals in the circus. They never attack him. On the contrary, he cares about them and they reciprocate.

The Internacional Circus
Matamoros, Tamaulipas, 1966

With the help of the Virgin Mary we became friends with three very famous wrestlers in Tampico.

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One morning, my brother and I went fishing. Suddenly two sharks appeared near us. We turned gray with fright, but that moment we implored Saint Peter for saving us from such a deadly danger. Little by little the sharks began to swim away. We bring this ex-voto, with all our faith and devotion.

Jasinto and Aurelio Benitez
Tampico, 1970

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With all my heart, I thank Saint Rita of Cascia for helping me to get back in the boxing. In my last fight, I got a very strong hit in my head. It put my career at risk. But I was able to regain my lost positions in the championship.

Apolonio “The Bull” Martinez
Reynosa, Tamaulipas

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