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I thank the Virgin of San Juan for delivering me from death when my truck’s brakes went out in a turn. I entrusted myself to you in such misfortune, and now I’m very thankful.

Fransisco Lopez, Jalisco, 1992

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The firefighter squad from Atlixco thanks the Virgin of San Juan with fervent devotion for they have tried out their new firefighters truck. It’s very modern and helps them a lot at their job.

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Dionisio Medina dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Christopher as a gratitude for providing his protection during all these years he’s been traveling with his truck all around the country. He always return back to his family safe and sound.

Chihuahua, Mexico

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The things in the Felipe Gonzalez’ newspaper kiosk had been going well until it was demolished by a truck. Felipe thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe because he managed to restore the kiosk.

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To the Holy Heart for the miracle of surviving. I lost control and crashed the tank truck, so the fuel leaked out.

Armando Roldan Chavez
September 10, 1991

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The boy Pedro Ruiz was riding his three wheel bicycle, went to the road and was almost hit by a truck. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for he wasn’t smashed to pieces.

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Pedro Gomez thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving his brother Jesus form dying when he was hit by a truck with failed brakes.

Mexico City
November 2, 1965

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Exactly that moment when Jorge Moreno was going to propose to his girlfriend he was hit by a Coca-Cola truck. His girlfriend Juanita thanks the Virgin of San Juan because her future husband didn’t die and yet he proposed to her in the hospital right after his broken leg was put in plaster.

I thank Saint Clare because I met a fellow countryman with a sufficiently pretty and big truck so I can put on my sister, my wife, my eight children and even my goat during the parade in my town Villa Escalante.

Julio Flores offers this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from dying when he was hit by a truck while selling tacos. He thanks the Virgin.

Tacubaya neighborhood, Mexico City
November 20, 1992

I dedicate this retablo to the Virgin of San Juan for helping me to come back from USA with some dollars, so I could get married and buy my truck and work on my land.

November 15, 1959

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Tuesday, November 3, Pedro Martinez was hit by a truck with sheep on board when he was coming back home with his mother Luz after gathering woods. His condition was bad. His mother thanks the Holy Virgin of Zapopan for the miracle that her son didn’t die and now is better.

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A truck with pigs crashed in another truck right in front of our house. The truck doors opened, and all the pigs ran away. The truck drivers managed to catch every pig except one. One pregnant pig was hiding in our house. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan for we have four pigs now.