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The bicyclist Antonio Fernandez was going down the hill. A cow crossed his path, and he crashed into her. He brings this retablo to Saint Charbel thinking him for surviving the accident and being able to keep practicing his sport.

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I thank the Virgin of Perpetual Help for having saved my son from dying when a truck hit the bus in which he traveled.

Micaela Horta
Guadalajara, Jalisco, May 10, 1950

A drunk driver in his clunker hit Catarino Suarez, a traffic policeman. Catarina was in bad condition. He thanks the Lord of the Wonders for his recovery.

Mexico, 1949

I’m infinitely grateful to my patron saint Saint George for delivering me from dying at this horrible accident that happened in Durango. The plane I was traveling on to the Mexico City collapsed and got on fire at the moment of impact. I implored to him to save me from such a danger, and now I thank for this favor.

July 31, 2018, Durango, Mexico

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I always enjoyed the speed and strong emotions. But then I got in a terrible crash on my motorcycle. I suffered multiple fractures and spent several weeks in the hospital. I dedicate this retablo to Saint Barbara thanking her for that crash because that way I met a gorgeous nurse who made my recovery very pleasant. Now, when I’m recovered I’ve even invited her to go dancing.

Ricardo Salas \ Merida, Yucatan

Jose Sanchez saw an UFO at 6 a.m. in his hometown Zihuatanejo. The UFO crashed into a mountain on high speed. 9:30 a.m., others similar UFOs were flying around. They were looking for their lost mate from which remained nothing. I thank the Holy Trinity for protecting me from anything bad and bring this retablo.

Acapulco, July 30, 1977

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Virgin of Guadalupe, we dedicate this retablo to you for surviving after trying to cross the railroads before the approaching train. Finding ourselves in such disgrace we entrusted ourselves to you and managed to escape from the car. We thank you.

Federico and Luisa, 1969

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A miracle by Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras of saving Joelson and Maria Eduarda in a motorcycle accident.

December 2010
Recife, Pe

May you be blessed, Virgin of the Conception, for saving me from dying in that terrible crash when I was returning from Puebla.

Timoteo Carmona
10th May 1952
Mexico — bless my way

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A bus that was going to Santo Tomas lost the brakes and went down the hill. But Our Lady of San Juan sent her angels to hold the bus. They drove the bus to the tree that stopped it. The driver Justiniano Medina thanks the Virgin for the miracle.

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May you be blessed, Virgin of Guadalupe, for working that miracle for me. I survived after I had tried to cross the railroad just before the approaching train. Finding myself in fatal danger I implored to you and was able to get out of my car. I bring this retablo to your altar.

Roman, 10–Dec–1990

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I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of Medinacelli for being lucky to survive a very horrible railroad accident in which all others died.

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for saving Josinho, Jeovaneo, Ginaldo, Je Alves Eduardo Galindo from death.

Otaciano Montes Belo
08-09-2000, Sao Bento do Una, PE

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