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The other night an ugly fat man came to our corner, and no one from my friends wanted to go with him. So we decided to draw straws between us, I lost and had to go with him to the motel. I thank Saint James the Apostle with this exvoto because it went really well, he payed me triple for my services and treated me very good.


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Blessed Heart, I give thanks to you for giving a second chance to live to this woman after she was stabbed. An evil client who was drunk attacked her and left het badly wounded in a hotel room in Merced, Mexico City.

A. V. R. — May 2016

Daniel C. brings this humble exvoto to Saint Bruno with his deep gratitude for nobody found out about this grave mistake he committed at his last drinking spree. He went in a motel to spend the night with a chick he met in a bar few hours before. The next morning he woke up and saw with great horror that it was a guy, and he ran out of here.

Mexicali, Baja California

The other night I went partying with my friends and had a lot of shots. The next day I woke up in a motel room with an unknown chick. WIth all my heart, I dedicate this humble ex-voto to Saint Benedict thanking him for I didn’t get any sexual disease. I promise not to get laid with persons I’ve just met and not to abuse alcohol.

Leonardo N.

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Alicia asks Saint Sebastian for forgiveness because she put horns on her husband with her boss in this hotel because her boss found out that her husband had crushed his car and wanted to throw him in jail for that. That’s why I accepted these conditions—so that Antonio wouldn’t go to jail.

January 25, 1985

One night leaving the bar I met this woman at a corner. She invited me to the hotel, and she made me feel that my wife denied me. She gave me confidence, and I learned with her advices and therapy in the bed. Now my wife is very happy. My marriage is saved, and I will never forget hat woman. San Jude Thaddeus, thank you for keeping my secret about the hotel.

El Inocente,
Mexico City — October 28, 2010

My husband and I were spending a night in an inn in Guanajuato to celebrate our anniversary, and it happened that the Death appeared to us. We were very frightened and prayed to the Virgin of San Juan. The Death disappeared. We thank the Holy Virgin for this horrible apparition didn’t make a deadly omen to us because we were told in the town that this room was bewitched.

I, Mikhail Molochnikov, was suffering from sleepwalking at a hotel in Copenhagen. 3 a.m., I found myself nude at the hotel corridor. The door in my room was locked, and my wife was sleeping deeply. Thanks to the Guardian Angel my wife finally woke up and opened the door!

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I was very hurt because my boyfriend had cheated on me with another woman. So the other night, I went to drink at the bar. But I drank too much and totally lost my good sense. The next morning, I woke up in a motel room with a stranger. I thank Saint Elias for I didn’t get pregnant nor did I catch any sexually transmitted disease. I promise to be more responsible and not to do such stupid things anymore.

Ericka R.
Mérida, Yucatán

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Luis M. spent the night in a hotel with someone whom he took for a woman but who turned out to be a man at the morning. Luis thanks Saint Charbel for nobody found out about this and promises to not pick up strangers anymore.

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Holy Child of Atocha, thank you for your favors. When my ex-boyfriend and his current lover were entering the hotel, I yelled at him “Boyfriend stealer!” and to hurt more called him a cheap rotten ass faggot. He got angry, grabbed my hair and scratch my face. The I felt a hit in my back. Four days later, I went to the doctor. They made an x-ray and found out a needle in my body. I needed a surgery, I had a suppuration and a high fever. I thank for coming well through the surgery.

Ruben Mendez
Mexico City, 1980

Yolanda Ramirez forgot about a date with her boyfriend in a motel and ate a lot of beans. So when they finally met she couldn’t hold her massive farts. She thanks Saint Elias because her boyfriend—although he was a little bit annoyed—forgave her.

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