Saint Antony the Great

San Antonio Abad

My rooster El Dorado came out from a fight badly injured and couldn’t heal. I prayed Saint Anthony the Great to make a miracle of healing my rooster, and few days after it was recovered. My rooster became even stronger than ever and the week after won over El Pinto, which was a very fierce rooster. Now my roster is the best in the region, and I dedicate this retablo for that, with devotion.

Macario Trujillo ~ Guanajuato, Mexico

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Two thieves got into doña Genoveva’s house but her cats defended her to the death. She brings the present retablo to Saint Anthony the Great thanking him for no cat got hurt.

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I’m a big fan of selfies. The other day, I went to the zoo and thought it’d be cool to make a selfie with a lion and upload it on Facebook without realizing how dangerous it could be to have a lion so close. I bring this retablo to Saint Anthony the Great because thank to my phone’s flash the giant cat got scared and didn’t do anything to me. I promise to be more responsible while making photos.

Alex Ríos
Monterrey, Nuevo León

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With all my heart, I thank Saint Anthony the Great for working the miracle that my horse El Patro’s back legs have been cured. They were broken and wouldn’t heal. Now he’s feeling very well and runs with great agility at the ranch. My dear friend El Patro.

Teodoro Garcia
Coahuila, 1969

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One day I was walking my dog Spike, when some angry dogs scared him. I couldn’t hold him, he broke his leash, ran away and got lost. I was desperately looking for him for weeks, searching in all the neighborhoods of the city but with no luck. Then I entrusted myself to Saint Anthony the Great, and he made the miracle—I found my Spike safe and sound. I’m infinitely thankful for that.

Elías Cruz
Merida, Yucatan

My donkey Filemon was very stubborn. He refused to go neither forward or backward. He stopped halfway delaying my work in the fields. I entrusted myself to Saint Anthony the Great, and he worked a miracle. My donkey pays me attention, and I have no problems with him anymore.

Lauro Hernandez
Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala

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Our horse “El Potro” (The Colt) broke both his front legs. We entrusted him to Saint Anthony the Great, and thanks to his divine intervention—and to our care as well—he’s got recovered Now our old friend rans happily over the ranch, and we dedicate this retablo for that.

Epifanio & Don Remigio Contreras

Hermenegildo Castro dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Anthony the Great because thanks to his divine intervention he found his donkey Filemon which had been lost in the filed. Without the donkey he couldn’t work and now he’s very glad.

Tepeaca, Puebla

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The girl Demetria Tiomitzi thanks Saint Anthony the Great because her cats got used to be bathed, back then they would scratch her while she did it.

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The boy Jaime Suarez brings this retablo to Saint Anthony the Great thanking him for finally his parents bought him a pair of hamsters. He keeps them in the well-equipped cage.

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The detective Roberto Chavez is a big animal lover. He thanks Saint Anthony the Great for conducting his investigation and catching a gang that organized underground dog fights.

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Сеньор Хуан Васкес выиграл корову в городской лотерее. Он благодарит Святого Антония Великого, поскольку теперь он и вся его семья каждый день наслаждаются свежим молоком. Прежде им недоставало столь священного продукта, так как они не могли позволить себе купить скотину.

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Alfonso Ramirez thanks Saint Anthony the Abbot because, after much effort, he bought a black panther. Now it lives in his house and it’s very docile.