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Luis Perez thanks Saint Nicholas of Bari with this retablo because he was put in charge of feeding the lions at the zoo since he adores these animals.

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I’m a big fan of selfies. The other day, I went to the zoo and thought it’d be cool to make a selfie with a lion and upload it on Facebook without realizing how dangerous it could be to have a lion so close. I bring this retablo to Saint Anthony the Great because thank to my phone’s flash the giant cat got scared and didn’t do anything to me. I promise to be more responsible while making photos.

Alex Ríos
Monterrey, Nuevo León

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Luis Gutierres was cleaning the crocodiles’ pool when suddenly one of them attacked him. Luis thanks Saint Pancras for not losing his arm and promises to be more careful.

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Roberto Jimenez got drunk and it made him easy to get into the zoo to box with a kangaroo. He thanks Saint Jude Thaddeus with this retablo for he survived the trashing given to him by the animal. Although he was arrested, he didn’t spent a lot of time in jail.

My husband decided to cross and interbreed very different animals. I prayed the Virgin of San Juan to stop this madness. I thank the Virgin because he gave all the animals to the zoo and now does experiments only with flowers and vegetables. I hope he wouldn’t create a giant carnivorous plant.