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Socorro Aguilar dedicates this humble retablo to Saint Isidor Labourer because she’s doing well selling her flowers to the tourists who pass in Xochimilco by trajineras boats. She makes their day with beauty and colors.

Xochimilco, Mexico

I was quite depressed after my fiancé had cheated on me. I entrusted myself to Saint Anthony of Padua for delivering me of sorrow. Later I met a guy. He wasn’t from our places, and every time I was going to the church he tried to give me a flower. Eventually, he became my boyfriend. I’m very happy with my Pascual. He’s made me believe in love again. We are going to get married, and I dedicate this retablo for that.

Evaristo Huitzil
Cholula, Puebla, 1948

I dedicate this retablo to the Holy Child Jesus of Medinaceli for when I was walking with my puppy Bobby and picking up flowers I got my first period.

I was very proud of my garden. But one day it was invaded by giant snails. I don’t know how they became so big. They began to eat my plants and especially most beautiful flowers. I didn’t know what to do until the Virgin of Guadalupe enlightened me to put a salt around my garden. It scared the snails off and they didn’t come back.

With great faith and devotion, I want to thank Saint Isidor the Laborer with this retablo for he saved all my flowers during that strong hailstorm that fell on my fields. I was afraid I lost all the flowers but thanks to his divine intervention they all were saved. Now I can take them to the market and sell.

Guadalupe Barrales
State of Mexico

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My daughter Lupita went to pick up some flowers, and she was attacked by bees. Poor child was stung and swelled up. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe, her fever and the swells has gone.

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We moved to a new place. The land was barren and fruitless. There were no plants, no flowers which I loved so much. I tried to plant something but the soil was so dry nothing was growing. But one day wonderful peacocks came out of nowhere. They had colorful plumage, and some time later a grass and an apple tree grew up on the spot where they started to live. That’s how our petrified garden became a blooming paradise. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this amazing miracle.

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Thank you, Saint Isidor the Laborer, for having heard my prayers, so my first harvest of marigold flowers was very good. Now I’m going to sell them at the cemeteries on the Day of the Dead.

Filomena Tepox
Atlixco, Puebla

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I went to the desert to eat some peyote. Suddenly I saw a monster approaching to me. I was scared to death, but then the monster started talking with me about the life, the love and the beauty. His words came out from his mouth as colorful flowers. I wasn’t thinking about him as a monster anymore, but as an enlightened being. I felt myself happy and calm, and this feeling didn’t leave for months after that. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for this amazing experience.

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An octopus came out of the sea to eat my flowers, but I chased him away, with your help.

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My family was going through financial difficulties. I wanted to help them within my abilities. I took all the flowers I was growing back in the garden and went to sell them in the Xochimilco dock. My flowers were so beautiful, I sold them in a moment. And the people wanted to buy more. So I opened a small flower shop. Now I give job for other families who help me. I’m very glad to work with such a beauty and earn money in this way. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for my luck.

Francisca Hernandez

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I was watering the flowers on the roof when I fell down with flowerpots. While I was falling down I noticed the most handsome man in the world in a window. He must have been an angel sent by the Holy Cross to save me because nothing serious happened with me and I didn’t even get bruises..

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The marigold vendor entrusted himself to Saint Sebastian de Aparicio and brings him this retablo for the good sales on the Day of the Dead.