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The doctor Felipe Suarez was caught in action with a nurse by his wife. He thanks Saint Raymond with the present retablo for the divorce didn’t ruin him completely and now he lives happily with the nurse.

Thanks to the Immaculate Virgin, I finally found a very good and very handsome doctor who prescribed me a very good American medicine without alcohol. It cured this ugly ingrown hair under my right armpit that had turned into a cyst. I’m very happy it’s gone without leaving any mark on my skin.

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Gustavo Garcia is greatly thankful to Saint Christopher with this retablo because he’s doing very well working as a dentist in Tijuana. He has a lot of American clients who pay him in dollars.

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My husband and I dedicate this retablo to Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Santiago. When I got sick in 1981, I was diagnosed with incurable malign lymphoma. We went to Boston for treatment but kept praying to Saint Charlie Rodriguez every day and night. Two weeks later, just before the treatment, doctors checked me again and didn’t find any trace of lymphoma. They couldn’t explain the miracle of my healing.

When my husband got very ill and I didn’t know where to find money to take him to the hospital, the Virgin of Guadalupe gave me the inspiration to cut all the flowers in my garden and go sell them at the tianguis market. I sold them all and look my Juan to the doctor, and he was cured promptly.

My boy Miguelito ate so much sweets he felt pain in he stomach. It was so painful he screamed and cried. No remedy helped him. I prayed to the Holy Child Doctor of the Sick for help, and with his divine help—also thanks to the doctor who consulted us—Miguelito is healthy. I give thanks.

Vicenta Tellez
Toluca, 1966

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I didn’t understand my dream at all but it looked a lot like one of those Mexican retablos with a guy on a hospital bed with a doctor and a nurse by his side and Jesus Christ crucified to the left.

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Arturo Perez thanks the Virgin of Juquila with this retablo because he has finished his studies and has got a good job as a combat medic.

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My wife loved her cats and dogs so much she even let them sleep in our bed. It was unbearable to sleep with a lot of animals. They were constantly scratching, panting, purring and stepping all over me. I prayed to Saint Francis to not show his mercy just to the animals but to think also about me. I thank the saint because my wife got some skin rash and the doctor prohibited to her to sleep with the animals. Now they sleep apart in the sitting-room.

Señora Agustina Lopez took her little son to the doctor because he had a terrible pain in the ear. To their surprise, they found a cockroach in the ear. Señora thanks the Virgin of San Juan for it was nothing serious with the boy although he suffered from pain.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe because the hospital cleaning lady arrived right in time before the doctor would have raped me taking advantage of my helpless condition.

Conchita Benitez Rojas
Chimaltenango, 1967

My husband Genaro and I dedicate this retablo to the Holy Heart. Our daughter Sonia had pains in her stomach. The doctor said she had drunk too much Coca-cola. I had to look the other side and my husband covered his mouth with the hand to not laugh at the doctor’s toupée.

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Jaime Telles brings this retablo to the Holy Child of Atocha thanking him for finishing his studies and becoming an ophthalmologist. The thing are going well.

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