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I thank Saint Roch for protecting me from the Chinese flu and the doctors who take fluid from knees.

Citi of Mejico ~ 17-8-2020

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I got the flu with a very high temperature but after I ate my mom’s home made spaghetti, all symptoms went away. A miracle! Her cooking saved me from the sickness.

Lily Kent

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We thank the Virgin Mary for we had made it to the other side without getting caught, although my brother Carlos caught the flu. Now, after 10 years in States, we got our documents and we aren’t illegals anymore. We ordered to build a new house for our mother who never wanted to go with us. That’s how much she loves her grandsons, so she preferred to stay with our sisters.

Agustin & Jose, 1956

I give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me and my family from the terrible flu epidemic that broke out in the city.

Andres R. P.
Mexico, 2009

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