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I give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the creativity and artistic talent of the Mexican people. They can find beauty even in this tragic moment when the country is fighting against COVID-19, and these embroidered masks show it.

Gerald Dilley, New York

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I thank Saint Roch for protecting me from the Chinese flu and the doctors who take fluid from knees.

Citi of Mejico ~ 17-8-2020

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We thank the patron of the clowns, Saint Genesius of Rome, for our participation in the Public Transport campaign against COVID-19 “Do not let the clown take you” in which we gave out masks and antibacterial gel at the most busy metro stations exhorting “If you’re going in subway, put a mask on right away”.

Fresia, Skatiny, Sindy, Piñita, Sonrisitas, Pispirin, Bodoquito and Zapaton / CDMX

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The villages of Sierra de las Cruces and Monte Alto, state of Mexico, we thank the Holy Lord of Holy Face from Campana, the Lord of the Exaltation from Xochicuautla, the Virgin of Gaudalupe on the board, Mary of Los Remedies, Naucalpan, Saint James of Temoaya, the Holy Lord of Chalma and Saint Michael the Archangel from Ameyalco for covering us with their mantles and keeping COVID-19 away from us. It was invented by the governments to end with villages and old people.

August 2020, CAHD

We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for protecting our heroes. Thanks for giving them strength and wisdom to take care of us. We ask you to protect them under your mantle. Amen.

Thanks for the virus didn’t do anything to us. The piglets chased it away.

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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for saving me from dying of COVID-19. I asked you to grant me health and you did it. Protect all the doctors who are fighting to save lives in the hospitals.

Sr. Moises
Mexico City, May 2020

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Holy Child of Atocha, I thank you for granting me the miracle of healing my husband from this COVID-19 contagion.

Grateful wife L.G.M.
Mexico City, June 7, 2020

My son Manuel went to New York few years ago looking for a job. After much struggle, he managed to open his own small taco shop. But few weeks ago he got sick with coronavirus. I thank Saint Jude Thaddeus with this exvoto because he’s already recovered and got out from the hospital. I beg for the health of the Mexican fellow countryman who are infected and are suffering so far from their land and their families.


Pulqueria-bar “La Pescadora” thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe with this ex-voto for the health of all of us and our clients in the time of COVID-19, for letting us keep selling pulque, despite the adversities, and for celebrating 60 years of our pulqueman Margarito.

Mexico City, June 24, 2020

Because of the coronavirus, my husband was left without a job. Now he spends his days behind the computer watching videos on Youtube and video conferencing with his buddies. He doesn’t lift a finger to help me around the house or with our baby, with the excuse that he’s depressed. I beg Saint Jude Thaddeus, with this retablo, to end quickly this quarantine and to make my husband’s depression—as he says—go away so he could go out looking for a job and become responsible again.

Juana Ramirez, Mexico

With this retablo, I thank Saint Nicholas and the Russian ambassador in Nepal because at the end the evacuation flight was free of charge and I saved 400 euros.

Aidar Bekchintaev

I’m an American and I’m fascinated by the pre-hispanic cultures of Mexico. Every year I traveled to Mexico on my vacation and I’ve visited Monte Alban, Teotihuacan, Tula, Bonampak. But this year I’ve had to cancel everything because of the coronavirus pandemic. I beg Saint Christopher, patron saint of the travelers, to find a cure from COVID-19 sooner so I could visit the great Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

James White, 2020