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Alfredo Navarro was very much sexed up so he went to steal his neighbor’s underwear. However she caught him and denounced him. Alfredo thanks Saint Maroun for he has been already released from the jail and promises to amend his ways.

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When my husband got sick and he couldn’t work we found out that we can count on our neighbors who helped us.

I was annoyed by disgusting barking of a neighbor’s dog. One day I, Levchenko Sasha, couldn’t stand anymore—I went out to the balcony and aimed at the dog with my sling. I was raging, my hands were shaking, and my eye was twitching. Thanks to the Guardian Angel, that moment, my neighbor went out to her balcony and scared the dog. Otherwise, I would have harmed this dog and would have been suffering from a guilty conscience afterwards. So since that time, when the dog barks I put my headphones on and listen “Rammstein”.

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My neighbor was a lazy man. When his fence was broken he didn’t fix it, so his pigs went directly to my garden and ate my flowers. I was desperate seeing what those pigs were doing with my garden. I prayed to Saint Francis because no matter how hard I tried to kick them out they always came back. The saint made a miracle. The neighbor patched the hole in the fence and saved me from the pigs. I give thanks.

My wife ate more and more. She even brought food to the bed. All the sheets were in crumbles, and she became so fat, she occupied almost all the bed and pushed me out of it at night. I was anxious to get my good sleeping back so I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan. Right away my wife stopped overeating and even started losing some pounds. She became so beautiful, even our new neighbor commented me how nice looking she is. And I thank for I sleep well again.

I liked my neighbor, and she responded me. But she had a grumpy and violent father. He was very suspicious and kept an eye on her. One night I climbed to her room to see her and made some noise. Her father heard and came running with a pistol. I prayed Saint Jude Thaddeus, and he gave me an idea to pretend being a sleep-walker. The neighbor believed in to and let me go. I thank for such an exceptional favor.

Onesimo Carreto
Zacatecas, 1959

The neighbor’s dog was very angry and had already bitten few people. One day it came to our yard and approached my daughter who was playing. My daughter didn’t get scared, and it discouraged and calmed the dog. The dog even licked my daughter’s face. Meanwhile, the dog owner and me were running towards them in fear of something bad could happen. I thank Saint Quiteria for protecting my daughter.

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My neighbors were gossiping that my friend tried to seduce my husband. One day. when I met her during my laundry I grabbed her hair. Thanks to Saint Raymond, those rumors were lies. I made up with my friend, and the gossiping neighbors won’t upset us anymore.

Francisca Cruz, 1988

I wanted to impress my neighbor whom I was attracted to. I climbed up a tree to bring her kitten down totally forgetting that I have a fear of heights. I thank Saint Pancras for the firefighters arrived to save me because I was so scared I couldn’t move. The cat meanwhile had come down giving me a great embarrassment. I promise to not doing brave anymore to avoid being a ridicule.

Benito Segura
Morelia, Michoacan

Octavio Martinez thanks the Holy Face because his neighbor didn’t notice him with his wife and didn’t kill him for that. Octavio and the neighbor’s wife swear that this will never happen again.

May 10, 1985
Tacubaya, Mexico

After I made a promise to Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras my neighbor stopped stealing my animals. I thank Saint Quiteria.

Francisco Cordeiro
Monteiro, Paraíba

I liked my neighbor, and she responded me. But we were secretly seeing each other for she had a grumpy and violent father who didn’t let her to have a boyfriend. One night I climbed to her room to see her, and her father caught us by surprise with a pistol in his hand. I thank Saint Benedict for illuminating me to pretend a sleep-walker. With his divine help, her father believed it, so I saved my skin.

Nepomuceno Diaz
Guanajuato, Mexico

I was cleaning my son’s room and put all his stuff in a box. I was going to put it in the storeroom but when I opened the door dozens of bats flew out. They got all over the house. I was scared that they might drink our blood or infect us with rabies. I didn’t know what to do and I prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan. Thanks to her the bats escape through the opened door at the kitchen and the windows and went into the neighbor’s house. Thanks.

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