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It caused me a lot of anger that the slackers of the village came to steal the fruits from my vegetable garden which I took a lot of care of. I prayed the Virgin of San Juan for solution, and then my nephew Juan gave me three very angry-looked dogs. Now I even have fun when the kids come to steal because they run away terrified when I let the dogs out. It’s a very good entertaining.

One night I was woken up by a strange noise in a living room. I went to see what it was and, to my fear, noticed a burglar who got into he house through the window. I hid myself behind the armchair and asked the Lord of the Wonders for his divine help. Suddenly it occurred to me to bark like an angry dog. The burger got scared and ran away without taking anything. I thank for that, with all my faith.

Gaudencio Tepox
Puebla, 1980

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My sons are very naughty boys. One day they got into the Jose Piña’s rancho to steal some fruits. They even brought a ladder. However, they didn’t know that Jose had bought police guard dogs. The dogs chased the boys up the tree and didn’t let them go down. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because Jose Piña saved them and the dogs didn’t bite them.

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Alfredo Navarro was very much sexed up so he went to steal his neighbor’s underwear. However she caught him and denounced him. Alfredo thanks Saint Maroun for he has been already released from the jail and promises to amend his ways.

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I dedicate this retablo to the Christ of the Cross for my family hasn’t yet found out that I’d been fired from my job in the Bank of Fomento because of a theft of quite a lot of thousands pesos. Now we are passing our time watching the super 8 mm films and remembering much happier times when we didn’t lack anything.

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In eternal gratitude to the EU inspectors who didn’t investigate the spending of 300 000 € in subsidies that I appropriated because I need them to buy Mercedes 800 LT and a house in Algarve which I registered on the name of my dear daughter Aninha, 4-years old.

Timotio Phirmino Browser e Morais
June 29, 2003

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Naughty students stole my wedding cake on a dare. We thank Saint Anthony because we got our cake back although it was slightly smashed. It’s a very bad sign to have a wedding party without a cake.

Ramona Lopez de Cano

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The boy Jose Gomez found out the combination for his father’s safe and stole a lot of money from it. When it was revealed he was spanked and grounded. He promises to Saint Pancras not to do it again.

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The Romero brothers took my favorite pig because I couldn’t pay them off my debt. They were about to grill and eat the poor animal. But thanks to the Virgin of San Juan they decided to drink first. They got so drank and didn’t notice two my grandsons taking the pig. They decided they had eaten the pig. I thank the Virgin of San Juan because my piggy came back home.

Tobias Corrales

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One night, I was awakened by some noise in my living room. I quietly went to check what it was. To my horror, I saw it was a thief in my house. I implored Saint Nicholas of Bari for help, and then I got an idea to bark like an angry dog. It scared the thief and he escaped through the window. I thank for that.

Luis Cordova
State of Mexico

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I thank Saint Martin de Porres for getting out of jail. The master accused me of stealing a cow from the ranch. But it wasn’t me, it was another man. And now they have caught him.

Ernesto Galvan Ruiz
San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato
September 2, 1971

After I made a promise to Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras my neighbor stopped stealing my animals. I thank Saint Quiteria.

Francisco Cordeiro
Monteiro, Paraíba

I dedicate the present ex-voto as gratitude to Saint Judas Thaddeus for the miracle that I bought a new oven on wheels to grill sweet potatoes. The old one was stolen from me, and I couldn’t work. Now my sweet potatoes sells are good again. May you be blessed.

Apolonio Tlanipa

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