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Thank you Lord for saving my dog and for the neighbor didn’t kill him for tacos. One day I couldn’t find him, and all our family went searching for him. We thought he had been caught for tacos but good thing it wasn’t so and he only walked around the streets. Thank you very much.

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— You know Silvia, this is Zalo’s doggy, it appeared on the news.

This retablo is going to be dedicated to those two neighbors who were spending their evening smoking near the grocery store and saw my dog Rocky who had been lost for seven days when I got my seven toes amputated as an effect of diabetes. I thank CHV (Chilean Television) for recording the exact moment of the epiphany. Thanks God!

Zalo Reyes, October 2010
Conchali, Santiago, Chile

My children and I give infinite thanks to Our Lady of Guadalupe for taking care of us on our way across the border because the guide who took us to the United States betrayed and left us alone in the desert. But thanks to her divine help we managed to get through it.

Sonora, Mexico

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I got lost in Sonora desert on my way to the United States. After two days of thirst and hunger, I implored Saint Charbel, and I found water between rocks. Then I stuffed myself with some lizards, and after that I was saved. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

Remigio Peres, 1940

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My mother of Guadalupe, I give you thanks for saving me from dying in Arizona desert after the guide had left me to the mercy of fate. I implored to you, and you gave me the strength to get to the US and to fulfill my American dream.

January 25, 1985

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Thanks for everything ended well when I got lost in the cave.

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Don Venustiano Hernandez’ cows ran away from his land, and he was sad and desperate because he looked for them everywhere but couldn’t find them. He begged Saint Anthony the Great to help him get the cows back, and few days later he found them safe and sound. He thanks for that.

Saltillo, Coahuila

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To the Virgin of San Juan, I make this gratitude because I was able to find my daughter’s piggy that had escaped from the pigsty because she forgot to lock it.

Dionicia Juarez, Jalisco, Mexico, February 9, 1979

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Victim of fatigue and anxiety because of dehydration, abandoned in the desert by the guide who promised me to get me to Arizona where my brother was waiting for me, I was lost and all alone. I implored the Virign of Guadalupe, she took mercy on me and made so I was found by other immigrants who helped me to get from there to North Carolina.

December 12, 2000
Iztapalapa, Mexico City

Fransisco Garcia lost in the sea and was cast up on an island. He’s infinitely grateful to the Virgin of Juquila with the present retablo because he survived two weeks there and was saved.

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The day of the fire my daughter was lost. Since we didn’t know anything about her, I implored the Child of Atocha. Now we know hat she ran away with a fireman. We thank with this retablo because she was about to become an old maid.

Juaquina Lopez, 1953

Señora Delfina infinitely thanks the Virgin of San Juan for granting her son Jesus healing from a severe pneumonia he caught while searching his little cow that got scared of lightnings during a thunderstorm, ran out of the corral and hid in a cave.

Lagos de Moreno, Mexico
August 27, 1993

A cowboy Pancho Garcia brings this retablo to the Holy Child of Atocha fervently thanking him because he finally found the lost white bull his hateful buddy borrowed from him.

Puebla, 1911

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