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From who knows where elephant-like beings came to us. We thank for they only wanted water.

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I was lost in the desert with my donkey. We were dying from insolation and thirst. Suddenly I saw many angels coming to us. They flew to take us to the heaven. But then I realized they weren’t angels but vultures. I prayed the Virgin of San Juan for help, and some travelers in a truck noticed us. They took us with them and gave us water. I thank the Virgin for saving our lives.

Thanks to the Holy Child of Atocha for saving me from dying from thirst in the desert and for guiding me through it.

Chihuahua — January 12, 1939

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The little boy, Carlos Mendes, got in his father’s bar cabinet. He got thirsty and he drank one bottle. He got awfully drunk. His father give thanks because Carlos didn’t die after all although he vomited a lot.

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We sincerely thank Saint Jude Thaddaeus for saving us from dying of thirst when we went as illegal immigrants in USA and got lost in the desert.

Pedro Godinez Rios and Maribel Peralta Lopez
Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato
May 20, 1959

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