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Thanks because I was saved on the day when King Kong escaped.

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An envoy from another dimension came to the village and helped us a lot. Thanks.

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I dedicate this exvoto to Saint Francis of Assisi in gratitude for the evolution of the Godzilla movies, one of my favorite movie monsters. The latest movies have recovered the essence of the character, and I think they are going in right direction to show his grandeur and splendor.

Luis Flores \ Mexico

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I thank my Virgin of Guadalupe with this exvoto for helping me and for giving me courage because I suddenly heard my chicken very unquiet. I came out and saw a huge and horrible beast that tried to eat them. I’m a widow and these chicken are my only livelihood, and I also sell eggs to my neighbors. Fortunately, I chased the horrible beats away.

Jasinta Salazar
The Miracle ranch, Jalisco, May 6, 1987

Felix Orozco gives infinite thanks to the Holy Heart because the bat-woman didn’t suck my blood out. She was very horrible but you saved me.

Oaxaca, 1943

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Thanks because two children beings from another world who take my class are behaving very well.

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Margarito Navas dedicates this retablo because I was attacked by the crocodile woman. She wanted to attack me and tear my eyes out but I escaped.

Mexico, March 14, 1984

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved me one night when I went to work in the field, and a monster appeared, and fire came out from his mouth, and demons tried to catch us. I thank you, Mother of Guadalupe.

Rosendo Lopez Garcia, San Juan del Rio

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I was weeding the hillock in my beloved San Miguel at the dusk, when suddenly the ground yawned and a creature that had tentacles like an octopus came out of it. I was frozen and didn’t know what to do. The beast was looking at me with its enormous eyes. It tried to grab me. I implored the Brown-skin Virgin to give me strength. Then I took my machete and hit it with all might. The monster went back into the hole, and I survived.

Ruperto N., 1980

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I took my girlfriend for a romantic boat ride on the lake. But at the middle of the lake, a monster appeared out of water and tried to climbed into the boat. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for I reacted immediately, although I was frightened to death, and I was able to push the monster far away with a paddle. Then I rowed for the shore at full speed, and now my girlfriend thinks I’m a hero.

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While being on vacation in Tokyo during the summer 2019, something extraordinary happened. The night of July 26, an enormous monster attacked the city. A giant reptile of huge size was destroying everything on its way, sowing death and terror. Seeing this, I could only ask the Virgin of Guadalupe for intervention, and some time later Godzilla got lost in the sea.

David Moreno, Tokyo/Mexico, 2020

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I was smoking a lot, and my wife always complained that our house smells of tobacco. I began to get out of my breathe after running or walking up the stairs. One day when I puffing out smoke, horrible monsters, instead of beautiful streams, came out of my mouth. They wanted to catch and devour me. I thank Saint Michael the Archangel because after several days of these visions I stopped smoking. Now I feel much better.

I, Atilano Ramirez, give thanks because I escaped from the attack of a three-headed crocodile.

Tabasco, July 10, 1939