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For most of the time, my husband is a very boring man. But I thank the Virgin of Guadlaupe for having heard my prayers. Now, some nights, my husband turns into a red ardent demon at night and stops being boring for few hours. It compensates all the routine days.

Jimena Pacheco
2nd of June 1979, Mexico City

When my husband went to work at the north, I felt very lonely at evenings. Then I began to play guitar and sing outside. Little by little my melodies attracted all the cats from our neighborhood. They were captivated by my music. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this big company I have now.

Matilda Olaldi
Tequila, Jalisco
2nd of October 1982

O my Holy Virgin, what a terrible experience it was in the sea. My daughter Anita and I were swimming, and suddenly a giant octopus appeared to us. He grabbed us with his tentacles. I felt drowning, but fortunately nothing bad happened. We only got scared that he might take us down with him.

Maricela Ramirez
Acapulco, Guerrero
February 5, 1982

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I thank God with this ex-voto. My horse Colorin got sick. I had to give her medicine, and she almost died. Then I got an idea to give her medicine with a reed tube. My horse got cured, and I’m very happy. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Camilo Chavez, the Miracle ranch
May 25, 1979

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One very dark night, my cat refused to go outside to eat. So I took him out, and then—God almighty!—I saw a witch and a skeleton flying over. They wanted to take my cat Sweety. I entrusted myself to Saint Francis of Assisi, and they went away.

Jacinta Ramirez
The Wild Mule ranch, Jalisco — June 5, 1979

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One beautiful night, I have to camp. I was assembling my tent when I saw witches flying over me. Thanks to my prayers to the Virgin of Guadalupe they didn’t notice me so I was saved from being bewitched.

Amador Ramirez
“The crazy goat” ranch, Tequila, Jalisco
June 5, 1989

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I was a very gossipy woman. Every time I went to the market it was about gossiping around. But one day, as soon as I arrived at the market, I felt a strong sulfur smell. Then I had a horrible apparition with wings and horns. Oh my God, it was the devil himself. Frightened as hell, I would never gossip again nor would I talk badly about any person. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Gudelia Ramirez,
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
January 7, 1959

Bless you God and my Virgin of Guadalupe for helping my son when he sat out in our garden and was attacked by some tarantulas. Good thing nothing happened, he just got scared.

Amalia Lopez and boy Juanito
Beautiful beach “La Perla”
May 2, 1986

After a shipwreck, I found myself on a small island. I had only a boat to fish to survive. Suddenly two beautiful mermaids appeared from the sea. They apparently were in love with me. I don’t know if it was a hallucination, my nerves or just a pleasant dream. I thank the Virgin.

Amador Ramirez
Island of Women — May 7, 1969

Virgin of Guadalupe, it was the most beautiful scene I’d ever seen. I went to the beach to swim and saw two beautiful mermaids. One was singing like an angel, and the other one was in love. I don’t want to drink tequila ever again.

Amador Ramirez
Carmen beach — January 2, 1976

Thank you, Virgin of Guadalupe, for your great favor! One evening, I was at the seashore on the Rosario beach in Baja California. Suddenly my kitten Nicolas fell out of my hands. But then a beautiful mermaid appeared and give him back to me safe and sound.

Amalia Ramirez
December 20, 1968

One quiet evening, I was fishing and fell asleep. I don’t now if it was true or in my dream, when I saw a beautiful mermaid who wanted to kiss me. But in a moment I couldn’t see her.

Playa Bonita, Mexico
Amador Ramires — June 25, 1976

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I thank God and Saint Francis of Assisi for the miracle of meeting the love of my life. I was 40 years old and thought that I was never going to marry. But then my old boyfriend came back from the United States and proposed to me. I thank God because we are very happy and have become the parents of a beautiful baby.

Juanita Lopez & Amador Ramirez
Guadalajara, Jalisco
December 12, 1986

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