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Thanks, Holy Virgin, for all your favours, especially for letting my dear friend Filemon Ramos and me stay in the living world. We let ourselves loose with very hot and sexy chicks.

Sr. Rodrigo Hernandez
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, November 2, 1965, Mexico

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It happened once, when the night was falling, an UFO landed right in front of don Juan Sanchez’ house. Two strange beings came out to take the cat, but the owner gave a tremendous blow to one of them. The second one saw his associate injured and wanted to grab the cat but don Juan didn’t let him. Then both of them ran to their flying ship. Thank you, Virgin, for such a great result.

Ranch Los Pirules, Guanajuato

One cold night, a flying saucer landed near doña Francisca Gomez’ house. A martian came out of it and wanted to get inside trough a window to take a doggy. But señora grabbed a broom and gave him tremendous trashing so that he ran to his spaceship. Thanks, Virgin of Guadalupe, because I thought he was going to abduct me with my two doggies.

Bonita farm, municipality of Queretaro
May 3, 1956

I thank my Virgin of Guadalupe with this exvoto for helping me and for giving me courage because I suddenly heard my chicken very unquiet. I came out and saw a huge and horrible beast that tried to eat them. I’m a widow and these chicken are my only livelihood, and I also sell eggs to my neighbors. Fortunately, I chased the horrible beats away.

Jasinta Salazar
The Miracle ranch, Jalisco, May 6, 1987

With this exvoto, for God’s sake, I testify for such a great favor. I was very much worried about my wife who was a sleepwalker. She got up at night in her sleep and went out to the street putting herself in danger. When I entrusted her to the Virgin of Guadalupe, she quit sleepwalking. Otherwise I couldn’t sleep in peace because I was constantly watching her.

Señor Carlos Gomez, October 5, 1981, Quiroga, Michoacan, Mexico

On a very calm night, my cats that were outside suddenly became anxious and scared. First I didn’t get why, but then I looked in the sky and saw two witches flying on their brooms. They didn’t come with good intentions, they were fighting with my cats. I grabbed a stick and scared the witches as best I could and saved my pets. Thanks, Virgin.

Young man Doroteo Mendez from the Three Buddies ranch
January 3, 1969

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One very calm night, when I was going to bed, I heard a very big noise. I opened the window, I saw a spaceship and two green aliens. They had bad intentions because one of them got into the house and tried to grab my kitten. Fortunately, my husband Amador was near and he helped me to defend the kitten. I kicked them with a stick, and they ran fast to their ship. Thanks, Virgin, because it was like a dream.

Zenaida Jimenez, September 29, 1968

One evening I heard my cats being very restless. When I looked at them I was quite surprised to see the little red devils torturing my cats to divert themselves. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for giving me strength to sweep those damned creatures out so I could liberate my cats from suffering.

Petra Soto
January 10, 1979

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For most of the time, my husband is a very boring man. But I thank the Virgin of Guadlaupe for having heard my prayers. Now, some nights, my husband turns into a red ardent demon at night and stops being boring for few hours. It compensates all the routine days.

Jimena Pacheco
2nd of June 1979, Mexico City

When my husband went to work at the north, I felt very lonely at evenings. Then I began to play guitar and sing outside. Little by little my melodies attracted all the cats from our neighborhood. They were captivated by my music. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for this big company I have now.

Matilda Olaldi
Tequila, Jalisco
2nd of October 1982

O my Holy Virgin, what a terrible experience it was in the sea. My daughter Anita and I were swimming, and suddenly a giant octopus appeared to us. He grabbed us with his tentacles. I felt drowning, but fortunately nothing bad happened. We only got scared that he might take us down with him.

Maricela Ramirez
Acapulco, Guerrero
February 5, 1982

I thank God with this ex-voto. My horse Colorin got sick. I had to give her medicine, and she almost died. Then I got an idea to give her medicine with a reed tube. My horse got cured, and I’m very happy. I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Camilo Chavez, the Miracle ranch
May 25, 1979

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One very dark night, my cat refused to go outside to eat. So I took him out, and then—God almighty!—I saw a witch and a skeleton flying over. They wanted to take my cat Sweety. I entrusted myself to Saint Francis of Assisi, and they went away.

Jacinta Ramirez
The Wild Mule ranch, Jalisco — June 5, 1979

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