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Pacomio Jimenez thanks for being saved when mermaids-skeletons scared him and almost drowned him.

Veracruz, August 11, 1942

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At the day of my wedding my fiancé changed his mind and didn’t come to the church. Furious with rage and pain, I ran to the cape and threw myself into the sea to kill myself. But after falling into the water I imagined my skeleton in the wedding dress lying at the bottom of the sea and surrounded by corrals and seaweed. I realized I didn’t want to die. But my dress got wet and heavy and dragged me down. Saint Barbara came to help me. I was taken by a current and brought up to the shore. A wave threw me back to the air and to the sun. I’m infinitely grateful for that.

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When Miguel Martinez was swimming in the sea, he had a congestion. He lost his senses and went to the bottom. But thanks to his devotion to the Virgin of San Juan the Virgin sent dolphins to help him. The dolphins took him out of the water and brought to the beach before he drowned. Miguel is infinitely grateful t the Virgin and offer her this retablo.

The night of August 15, 1930, I was coming back to Zacatecas. While crossing a river, I was dragged by the current from a saddle and carried away. I was afraid to die drowning and prayed the Holy Child of Atocha. My horse saved me and dragged me to the shore. With this retablo, I testimony this miracle and ask to bless my horse for her loyalty.

Gumaro from Fresnillo, Zacatecas

Holy Virgin of San Juan, I dedicate this retablo to you for letting my sons, Juan and Pedro, cross the Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) and get to USA, in spite of one of them being nearly drowned.

A grateful mother
Jalisco, 1983

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Tiburcio Maldonado thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from a skeleton mermaid who wanted to drown him dead.

Acapulco, 1960

Ruperto Pacheco was spying on the communal commissioner’s daughter while she was swimming in the river. But the branch broke off, and he fell into the water. He thanks Saint Elias with this retablo for he didn’t drown and the girl didn’t accuse him.

Chiautempan, 1920

I was coming back from the Xochimilco market in my boat feeling very happy because I had bought at a very good price five beautiful piglets to start breeding pigs with. My boat was old and quite damaged, so it started drowning because of the big weight. My piglets and I started drowning also. Thanks to the miracle of the Virgin of Zapopan—whom I’m very devoted to—we managed to float until we were saved by a tourist trajinera-boat. Although I lost my boat, I’m grateful that we are still alive and didn’t drown.

I went to swim into the sea and right away I felt something was holding me. Then I saw a big octopus. It caught me with its tentacles and pulled me down to the bottom. I started to panic, I was thinking I was going to die in the tentacles instead of marrying a handsome young man and living a happy life. I started to pray to the Virgin of San Juan, and thanks to her the octopus got distracted with some fish passing by and I could escape. I swam to the surface and I was safe. Now I only have to wait when a handsome guy comes to my life.

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I was hanging my laundry on when my daughter went to the river and was taken by the current. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because a dog appeared from nowhere and brought my daughter to the shore. After that the dog ran away. I know that dog was an angel sent by the Virgin to save my daughter.

When I fell overboard, I was saved by a dolphin. Thanks.

April 1969

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I thank Saint Quiteria of Frexeiras for the miracle that I didn’t drown and she saved me when I fell in a pond on the farm.

Virgina Quiteria da S. Maia
Santa Brigida, Bahia

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I went for a walk with my two suitors. I stumbled and accidentally fell into the river. The suitors ran to help me but since they both wanted to be a hero they pulled me in different directions. Finally, thanks to the miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe I managed to get out by myself and didn’t drown. Then I decided to not go out with any of these idiots.

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