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Thank you, Virgin, for saving me from dying drowning. You sent me an angel and saved me.

Tulum, 2019

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My son Manuel had a congestion because he went swimming right after having eaten, and he fainted and went drowning in the sea. But thanks to the Virgin of the Rosary who sent a dog to save him from dying at the depth, the dog took him out right before he drowned. Now my son is alright, and the dog has become his friend. He named her Chavita because she was his savior. We give thanks for such a miracle.

Tulum, 1989

Chavo is the nickname for those whose name is Salvador which means “savior”. Chavita is a diminutive of the feminine form of that nickname.

Señor Antonio gives infinite thanks to Saint Jude Thaddeus for he was able ta save his son from dying drowning when he was playing with a ball and fell into the river. He thanks for the received favor.

Ixtlahuaca, Mexico
October 28, 1985

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Felipa Muñoz went to Acapulco for vacation. She was drowning, but a gringo saved her. A romance arose from this. She thanks Saint Rita because now she has her blonde man and they live very happily.


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Tiburcio Lopez brings this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from a skeleton mermaid who wanted to drown him dead.

Acapulco, 1950

My daughter Luisa was playing in laundry at the river bank. She slipped on a smooth stone and fell into water. Thanks to Our Lady of the Rosary our dog which is very smart and swims very well was able to save the girl before she drowned. I give thanks to the Holy Virgin.

I dedicate this to the Virgin of San Juan thanking her for delivering me from dying drowning in Rio Bravo. Thanks to David and Miguel, two Salvadorians, who saved my life. Together we managed to get to the United States and achieve the American dream.

Jalisco, Mexico, May 10, 2011

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Ricardo Fernandez was diving with a friend when He suffered an epileptic seizure. He thanks Saint Pancras with this retablo because he was helped in time and didn’t die drowning.

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I got this great idea to propose to my Chabelita in a trajinera-boat at Xochimilco. I thought it would be very romantic. But then I got so nervous I slipped and I fell into lake. I give infinite thanks to Saint Anthony of Padua because I didn’t lose the ring—it fell inside the boat—and, despite this embarrassing moment, my fiancée said “yes” which made me very happy.

Ramiro Tellez, Mexico City

I took my piglets to the river to wash them because they stunk very much. Suddenly a strong current came from the mountain and took us down the river to the waterfall. I thank Saint Francis who protected us so we didn’t get hurt falling on the rocks nor drowned. We managed to get out to the bank safe and sound.

My children were splashing near the riverbank, and the little one slipped and fell into the current. Our dog reacted immediately and jumped to save her. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for having sent us such an intelligent and loyal dog. All our family can rely on him and we love him very much.

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January 6, 1957, the boy Esteban fell in a Xochimilco canal. His brother Juan rushed to help him. Seeing them both in water, I entrusted them to Saint Jude Thaddeus so he would give them enough strength to get out alive from this danger. They were saved, and I promised to bring this retablo for the received favor.

Señora Juana — San Pedro, Xochimilco, Mexico

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I wasn’t a good swimmer, and a sea current dragged me to open sea. I felt lost among this immensity of water. I tried to swim, then tried to scream but nobody heard me. I was doubting that I could survive when suddenly out of nowhere a beautiful dog appeared there, in the middle of the sea. He dragged me to the shore. I could explain this only as a miracle of the Virgin of San Juan who always look after me. I give thanks for this angel who saved me.

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