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Marcela Hernández was doing the laundry on the river when she saw a box with puppies that some heartless person had thrown into the water so that they would drown. She thanks the Virgin of Zapopan she could save and to raise those three puppies and now they are the joy of her life.

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I was doing my laundry on the river, with my daughter. I was distracted with very dirty sheets, and when I turned I saw my girl had been carried away by the current. I ran after her, imploring to the Virgin, and then I saw a dog coming after my daughter. The dog brought her to the shore. I thank the Virgin for sending me that dog who was definitely an angel in disguise sent for protecting us.

Rafael Gomez came home and found his son drowning in the pool. He thanks the Holy Child of Atocha for being there in time so he was able to save the boy. He promises to look after his son more carefully.

When I was swimming, two beautiful mermaids appeared. They were flirting with me waving their tails and splashing in the water. I was taken with their iridescent beauty. I stopped for a moment, they came closer to me and then pulled me down to the bottom. I was lacking air, so I prayed Saint Barbara. She might have come to help me because I think I fainted and then woke up on the beach. I thank for being alive.

Saint Jude Thaddeus, thank you for all your favors. It seemed I was loosing my mind when I got in the river completely naked. One and half year before, my boyfriend Pepe had drowned at the very same place. A lady saw me there and reported to the police. They came looking for me, and then I spent three days at a police station until my mother and my sister came after me. They payed the fine, and then I was taken from there with the psychologist. Few months later, I was doing better mentally, since I had been at the edge of going crazy.

Angela Moreno
Cuernavaca, Morelos, 1965

I was swimming underwater and suddenly my leg got cramped. I thought I was going to die drowning but then the Virgin of Zapopan sent me a small whale. It took me to the surface on his back, and I was saved. I thank for this miracle.

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I was doing my laundry on the river. I was thinking over all my life problems and didn’t notice that one shirt had been taken by a current. I dove after it—it was my husband’s best shirt. I grabbed it and there underwater I felt calmness. Everything around was quiet and silent. My body relaxed, and I let the water to carry me. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan for she made me react before I drowned. I got out few miles down the river with a great wish for life such as I had never had before.

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I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from dying. She sent a mermaid for help. The mermaid pulled me out and brought to the shore.

Armando Soto Garcia
Veracruz, June 23, 1963

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I loved swimming underwater and diving right to the bottom to see what an incredible life boils down there. I felt like a mermaid in my dominion. But one day, I caught up in the algae while enjoying swimming underwater. I tried to get out but only tangled up myself more. I felt pain in my lungs. Just when I thought I was going to die I saw a light and got free. I know it was Saint Barbara who get me out, and I thank for it.

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O my Holy Virgin, what a terrible experience it was in the sea. My daughter Anita and I were swimming, and suddenly a giant octopus appeared to us. He grabbed us with his tentacles. I felt drowning, but fortunately nothing bad happened. We only got scared that he might take us down with him.

Maricela Ramirez
Acapulco, Guerrero
February 5, 1982

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Holy Heart of Jesus, thank you. I was extremely sad and desperate. My nerves were broken. All because my wife left me and took our child. I got drunk and went to Xochimilco—there my wife and I had met. I began to think about our son. Finally I decided to kill myself and jumped to a channel. I didn’t know how to swim so I thought I would drown quickly. But I was saved. Realized what happened, I ask the Holy Heart for forgiveness.

Plutarco Lopez
Mexico City, 1965

It happened at the Veracruz seaport. Guillermo Mendez Velasquez was unloading sorghum when suddenly the hoist cable broke. He fell down the water with all packages and went to the bottom. He was buried under the sacks for more than seven minutes. That deadly moment he was able to implore the Holy Trinity. His coworkers managed to pull him out. He was brought back to life only thanks to defibrillation and the divine intervention. He dedicates this retablo as gratitude.

September 16, 1961

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When I was fishing one night, my boat started to sink. The sea was filled with sharks. I was scared and began to pray the Blessed Sacrament for help. They made the miracle and send me a giant bird which pulled me out of the water before I was attacked by the sharks. I thank the Blessed Sacrament.

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