Christopher Rodriguez Contreras

Castulo Rodriguez was walking to the field, and a flying saucer appeared, with two extraterrestrials who were going to tie me like a pig. But I implored you, and you delivered me.

Nopaltepec, 1924

I, Sonia Hernandez, give thanks because my husband Pablo Reyes has approved my relationship with my martian lover and now three of us can live happily in love.

Mexico City, 2020

Guillermo Torres give thanks to Saint Anthony for helping him to find his true love with Erick Joan who in three months showed him that he can cook very deliciously. God forgives him for being faggots but he asks to let them be happy for many years.

Villa de Cortes, August 30, 2021

I pay the universe with this retablo because a star fell down from the sky. It was the brightest star, and it turned into a woman who keeps me a company as my partner, always full of love and light. I will be in love with her for hundred years more.

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Pascual Torres pays with this retablo to Jesus Malverde giving thanks for delivering me from a skull-woman.

Sonora, 1939

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Felix Orozco gives infinite thanks to the Holy Heart because the bat-woman didn’t suck my blood out. She was very horrible but you saved me.

Oaxaca, 1943

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I, Crecencio Soto, pay, with this retablo, the Virgin of Guadalupe for having worked a miracle of not being drowned by a mermaid who enchanted me with her beauty and wanted to make little mermaids with me.

Cancun, 1980

We, Alahn Santiago and Marco Luis Mendez, pay with this retablo giving thanks for we love each other immensely and live happily in our house, in spite of other people’s prejudices about us. However, it didn’t prevent us from living our love.

Mexico City, 2021

Martha Larios and Leonora Perez are very grateful for living together and very happy, in spite of public shaming. You gave us strength to go on and show that we love each other.

CDMX, 2021

I, Christofer Rodriguez, give infinite thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle of having a martian girlfriend who is so pretty and so hot, and she’s going to make me extraterrestrial children. Woohoo!

Mexico City, 1989

Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for I didn’t sin with a very hot skeleton woman who came to me in the field. I wanted to take her in the field so bad but you delivered me from doing the bad thing.

Nicanor Lopez
Celaya, 1956

Jessica Perez thanks the Souls of the Purgatory beaus her old man Hugo didn’t see Sancho Pepe under the bed. She pays for that with this retablo.

Polanco, 1983

Rutilio Prado was in the field and ate a peyote and saw many bizarre things that scared me a lot because there were colors and figures that spoke to me, but you delivered me from this bad trip.

San Luis Potosi, 1962