Christopher Rodriguez Contreras

Castulo Ramirez brings this retablo to the Heart giving thanks because you delivered me from a woman from outer space who wanted to take me with her to the sky and have some kids, but you saved me.

Otumba, 1932

Panfilo Guzman brings this retablo to the Souls of the Purgatory because no one has seen how I like dancing with my pig Ququis.

Zacatecas, 1947

Cristobal Rodriguez was in the field, and some horrible eyes appeared to him. They didn’t stop following him, and he was very much scared. But he implored the Holy Heart, and you delivered me.

Michoacan, 1922

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I dedicate this retablo to Juan Diego for avoiding that my buddy caught me making out with his wife, because that damned brown-skin girl is so hot. While at it, I ask you for the strength to make more pirouettes with her, without my buddy seeing me stuck in her pussy.

Roberto Garcia / Veracruz, 2018

I, Joana Morales, pay to the Virgin of Guadalupe with this exvoto because you have delivered me from illnesses, bad men and other dangers. Thanks!

Mexico City
April 11, 1982

I, Flaviano Rodriguez, pay you, Holy Heart, with this retablo for saving me from faces with bones that jumped on me in the field. I implored you, and you saved me.

Oaxaca, 1924

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Casildo Perez thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved him from a monster who came in a flying hat.

Xaltocan, 1937

Francisco Bejarano pays with this retablo for saving me from a she-devil who wanted to take me right to the hell but you, Virgin of Guadalupe, saved me.

I, Zuleyma Rodriguez, pays the Virgin of Guadalupe with this retablo thanking for her husband Jose Salinas would get rid of this obsession of taking bath with the doorman.

Polanco, Mexico City, 1987

Tiburcio Maldonado thanks the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving him from a skeleton mermaid who wanted to drown him dead.

Acapulco, 1960

Pascual Diaz was in the mountains, and some very drunk skeletons appeared to him. They tried to take him with them. But I implored the Holy Face, and you saved me.

Chihuahua, 1942