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It was very late when I was conic back home so I decided to cut my way. Suddenly I saw a gorgeous she-devil in front of me. She called me seductively so that she could grab my soul and take it to the hell. I prayed the Virgin of Zapopan and thanks to her could resist this devilish temptation. I ran to my house at full gallop and came home safe and sound.

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I thank you, Virgin of San Juan, for your favors. I had vacations and decided to visit my cousins in Michoacan. On my road to them I saw a completely naked woman sitting on a rock. When I got closer, she changed her color. It was, no more no less, the devil himself. I entrusted myself to the Holy Virgin, grabbed my cross and the devil disappeared in the air right away.

Maximino Arroyo, 1975

Our town was always a quiet and peaceful place. But suddenly a true devil nest with tempting she-devils was opened. The she-devils lured our husbands in their damned den and got all their money from them. We discussed this with the priest, and one morning, when the place was closed, sprinkled it with holy water. Then we put crosses on the door, and the priest performed an exorcism. Those doors to hell never opened again, and we got our husbands back. We thank for that.

A real she-devil came to our town. She looked like a nice, well-educated, friendly lady, but my friends and I were afraid of her. There was always the sulphur smell after she left. But we were so scared and afraid that she could do something to us or our families, we couldn’t refuse to have her when she visited us. She always came for a tea, or a dinner. And she was very voracious. We thank the Blessed Sacrament because on the Holy Week the she-devil disappeared and we haven’t seen her since.

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I went to a blind-date to a dance with a women who appeared to be very nice on the phone and had a very sexual voice. But to my surprise she turned out to be a she-devil. And he was accompanied by another couple of devils. I was very scared, so I had only one dance with her and then slipped away pretending I was going to the bathroom. I thank the Virgin of San Juan for I could escape from the demons without any damage.

One night two she-devils appeared on our bedroom. They were certainly came to take my husband with them because he’s a gambler, a drinker and a womanizer. I was angry and scared. So I took the rosary and prayed the Virgin of Zapopan for protection. Thanks to the power of the Virgin the she-devils disappeared and only left a sulphur smell in the room. I thank the Virgin for my husband didn’t wake up during this because he would certainly have gone with them.

Joaquin Morales had a dream with naked she-devils who started to bite him off. He suffered very much and prayed to Saint Jude Thaddeus. The saint delivered him from the she-devils, and Joaquin is thankful for that.

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