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I thank Christ of the Palm because when I was bedridden my friends arrived to perform an exorcism on me.

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Our town was always a quiet and peaceful place. But suddenly a true devil nest with tempting she-devils was opened. The she-devils lured our husbands in their damned den and got all their money from them. We discussed this with the priest, and one morning, when the place was closed, sprinkled it with holy water. Then we put crosses on the door, and the priest performed an exorcism. Those doors to hell never opened again, and we got our husbands back. We thank for that.

We thank Saint Rosary because we managed to cast out the devil of lust from Lupita, although he got in me right away, and it all went even worse.

Juan Luis
Mexico, March 21, 2014

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My husband bought a bed for our children on a garage sale. But it turned out that the bed had belonged to a psychic. So it floated by nights, and we had to call a priest to exorcise the bed. We thank the Virgin of San Juan for the spirits didn’t attack the boys and didn’t possess them.