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A mermaid fell in love with my Manuel. She was so jealous with me she grabbed my hair and tried to drown me taking to the bottom of the sea. I thank the Virgin of Zapopan because Manuel had enough strength to not let the mermaid take me and he saved me.

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For weeks, I was coming back with the empty net because there were no fish at all. But one day I met mermaids. I looked at them mesmerized, and they came closer out of curiosity. They gave me some fish. The mermaids just sang, fish swam over to them, and the mermaids took the fish and threw it in my boat. I go to the mermaids every since, and they give me fish. Now we have a lot of food at the house, and I thank Saint Raphael the Archangel for this amazing miracle.

One mermaid had an idea to get into my boat. The first time, I was fascinated with her beauty, but then she began to return all my fish back to the sea. I didn’t like that, I was working hard to catch all this fish, and the mermaid was undoing my work. I prayed the Virgin because it didn’t matter if I changed my way, the mermaid always found me. Thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe the mermaid finally left me and went to bother Carlos Medina who had a bigger boat than mine and used to catch more fish.

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I was swimming in the sea and suffered a cramp. I began to go deep down, but thanks to the Virgin of San Juan a beautiful mermaid came over and pulled me up to the surface. Then she dragged me to the beach. Although my friends don’t believe in what happened and laugh at me, it was a great miracle.

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When I was swimming, two beautiful mermaids appeared. They were flirting with me waving their tails and splashing in the water. I was taken with their iridescent beauty. I stopped for a moment, they came closer to me and then pulled me down to the bottom. I was lacking air, so I prayed Saint Barbara. She might have come to help me because I think I fainted and then woke up on the beach. I thank for being alive.

Samuel Rodrigues fell in love with two mermaids. They enchanted him with their singing. He couldn’t eat, he couldn’t sleep, he didn’t want to work but spent all days long at the bottom of the laguna. Until one day he saw the mermaids eating with their big sharp-toothed mouth. He thanks the Virgin of the Rosary for delivering him from those monsters’ spell.

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The fishermen Cayetano and Pascual Rios give thanks to Saint Michael the Archangel because a beautiful mermaid made the fish get in their boat with her magical singing, and they didn’t have to use their nets.

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from dying. She sent a mermaid for help. The mermaid pulled me out and brought to the shore.

Armando Soto Garcia
Veracruz, June 23, 1963

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Juan Gallardo was taken with the mermaid’s singing. He couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat, and was constantly thinking about her. He swam to the rocks to see her. His wife Rosario understood that she was loosing her husband, so she prayed to the Virgin of San Juan. The Virgin suggested Rosario should put earplugs in Juan’s ears. Thanks to that, the charms were broken and her husband was back to his senses again.

My boyfriend was a sailor. I used to go to the sea cliff to see if his ship is coming back. One day I slipped and fell into the sea. I was stunned after the falling and went to the bottom of the sea. I was spluttering. Suddenly I saw mermaids. They took me and pulled to the surface. There I could breathe. It was Saint Barbara who sent me them for help. I thank her for this marvelous miracle.

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After a shipwreck, I found myself on a small island. I had only a boat to fish to survive. Suddenly two beautiful mermaids appeared from the sea. They apparently were in love with me. I don’t know if it was a hallucination, my nerves or just a pleasant dream. I thank the Virgin.

Amador Ramirez
Island of Women — May 7, 1969

The fishing was going worse and worse with every day. I couldn’t catch anything at all. I prayed the Archangel Raphael, and the incredible miracle happened on the next day. Two beautiful mermaids began to catch fish and put them in my boat until it was filled. From that day I’m like a magnet for fish and have no shortage in food. Thanks.

My life was so boring and tedious that I began to dream at nights that I was a beautiful mermaid and my doggy also became a small fish. Together, we swam through the marvelous underwater world. I thank the Holy Spirit for sending me these dreams. Now I’m feeling myself full of energy and much happier.

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