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I met a beautiful mermaid at a solitary beach. She was sitting on a rock and singing. I fervently thank Saint Raymond for granting me this great favor as she was my greatest desire, although she stunk of fish,

Acapulco, 1925

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Filomeno Gutierrez fervently thanks Saint Pancras, with this retablo, for he having granted him his great wish to see a mermaid, although from a distance, because she escaped from the nets thanks to his dumb buddy’s mistake.

Acapulco, 1935

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I, Crecencio Soto, pay, with this retablo, the Virgin of Guadalupe for having worked a miracle of not being drowned by a mermaid who enchanted me with her beauty and wanted to make little mermaids with me.

Cancun, 1980

Demetrio Vargas went to swim. I fainted, but a mermaid piggy saved my life from drowning.

Veracruz, December 4, 1955

I, Gregorio Pech, infinitely thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for saving me from the mermaids’ charms so I was able to get back to my kids.

Acumal, Mexico, 1998

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A beautiful mermaid attracted us with her singing right to the rocks. We were watching her combing her lovely green hair and didn’t see that we are going to crash into rocks. Our boat hit it and got a hole. We thank the Virgin of Zapopan we could scoop the water out till we got back to the beach. We guarantee we won’t let us be chanted by mermaids ever again.

On my vacation at the Caribbean in Mexico, I was swimming when I felt something was pulling me down to the bottom of the sea. To my surprise I saw this creature pulling my by my Holy Virgin chain. I prayed the Virgin for miraculous favor and could escape without being hurt.

Toño M., Tulum, 2019

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Rosaura Morales pays with this retablo to the Virgin of Guadalupe because when I converted into mermaid I didn’t hurt my family, and I pay for that with this.

Michoacan, 1917

Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you to look after my husband Ramiro, a fisherman. Save him from the apparition of the mermaid who enchants the fishermen.

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We thank the Virgin of Guadalupe who saved me and my friend Juan from being enchanted by mermaids singing. When they appear in the sea, they sing and hypnotize men. The mermaids use it to take them far away and make them lost in the sea.

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I, Cipriano Rodriguez, give thanks because I finally got me a mermaid. I dreamt about her so much because I’m a fat, ugly cross-eyed man.

Mexico City, 1970

A mermaid fell in love with my boyfriend Arturo. She was so jealous with me that she came out during a boat ride, grabbed my hair and tried to drown me taking to the bottom of the sea. I thank the Virgin of Tepeyac for Arturo had enough strength to pull me out and not let the mermaid take me to sure death.

Rosa Moreno
Tulum, Mexico, 2006

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Thank you, Virgin, for saving me from dying drowning. You sent me an angel and saved me.

Tulum, 2019

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