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I, Cipriano Rodriguez, give thanks because I finally got me a mermaid. I dreamt about her so much because I’m a fat, ugly cross-eyed man.

Mexico City, 1970

Soul in Purgatory, I thank you because my old man Isabelo didn’t notice Sancho hiding under the bed. He didn’t see him, because he is cross-eyed. I, Norma Nava R., thank you.

Mexico, 1984

Thank you, The Holy Child of Atocha, because this cuckold my old man Isabelo Recendiz didn’t notice Sancho under the bed. He wanted to kill him but, because he is cross-eyed, he didn’t see him. I, Norma Nava R., give thanks for it with this ex-voto.

Mexico, 27 October 1980

Thank you, The Holy Child of Atocha, because my old man Aron Recendiz didn’t noticed Sancho under the bed. He pulled out his gun but, because he is cross-eyed, he didn’t see anyone.

Norma Angelica Nava
Mexico, 3 December 1975