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Virgin of Guadalupe, thank you for I didn’t sin with a very hot skeleton woman who came to me in the field. I wanted to take her in the field so bad but you delivered me from doing the bad thing.

Nicanor Lopez
Celaya, 1956

Maria Perez gives thanks because the flying saucer wanted to abduct me but I invoked the Holy Heart, and it saved me.

Celaya, 1913

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Juliana Orozco gives thanks with this retablo because Ku-Klux-Klan wanted to burn me alive.

Celaya, November 15, 1937

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August 21, on his way to Salvatierra, near the Santa Cruz river, señor Isidor Hernandez, riding his horse, was burn by electric fire from a lightning bolt. He collapsed before crossing the river. The horse fell dead. Finding himself in such misfortune, he entrusted himself to the mercy of the Holy Child pf Atocha and got recovered. He dedicates this retablo in righteous acknowledgment and gives thanks.

September 1, 1930
Celaya, Guanajuato

Maria offers this retablo to the Virgin of the Solitude because Felipe asked my hand in marriage. My father wanted me to marry don ***, the storekeeper. I prayed to you because I was in love with Felipe, and now we are together.

Celaya, Guanajuato, May 1929

Thank you, Virgin of Sorrows, for the miracle that I’m alive. I went to see my wheat crops and a viper bit me.

Evaristo Galvan Monzon
August 14, 1974
Celaya, Guanajuato

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Miss Concepción Torres brings this humble retablo to Saint Anthony of Padua for the miracle that the young Jasinto Lopez has responded to her love with a serenade in which he asked for her hand. Now they are very happy together.

Celaya, Guanajuato

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Juana dedicates this humble retablo to the Lord of the Column for Juvencio who got five bullets in the stomach from the soldiers of the garrison at Celaya for having deserted. I found him almost dead and prayed the Lord for protection. He heard me, and I thank him with this retablo for what happened that morning on April 15, 1922.

I bring my gratitude to the Virgin of the Solitude for my son’s arm has been cured. He was hit with a lightning when we were gathering woods in mountains and got caught by a storm. I saw his arm getting on fire and immediately entrusted him to you. I dedicate this retablo thanking for the miracle.

Anselmo. August 19, 1931
the Soledad neighborhood, Celaya, Guanajuato

We thank the Virgin of the Solitude for looking after us during our tour around the country and for keeping our fellow artists healthy.

Circus “Arcoiris Show”
Celaya, Guanajuato

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With great joy, I give thanks to God and the Virgin of Guadalupe for such a big favor. I thought I’d never get married because my best years were behind me. But one day my boyfriend, who went in USA few years ago, returned. He proposed me, and I gladly accepted his proposal, because he is the love of my life. He organized a very cute wedding for me.

Lupita Gonzalez & Amador Ramirez
Celaya, Guanajuato
June 5, 1986

I give thanks to the Lord of Hospital from Salamanca for the miracle of saving me from death in Celaya, April 1915. When we defeated Pancho Villa and his troops, the general Alvaro Obregon had his arm blown off by a grenade. And I was behind him. Realizing what happened, I ordered this retablo.

I’m an encyclopedia salesman. One day I stopped in a hotel in Celaya. When I went to sleep I heard some laughs and clearly saw the footprints appearing on the walls and the ceiling. I’m not a coward but I took the pillow and the blanket and went to sleep in the corridor. I thank the Holy Virgin for the ghosts didn’t follow me.

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