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I give infinite thanks to Saint Helen because my new neighbors don’t realize that at night I climb a tree to spy on them. Since they’re a couple, I’m getting sexually excited seeing how they show their love and leave the curtains of their room open.

Nuevo León, Mexico

Gudelia and Rebeca fell deeply in love with each other in the prison. They dedicate this retablo to Saint Patrick because thanks to some cunning tricks they were put to the same cell. Now they enjoy a married life to the fullest.

When I went to the city to study in the University, I shared the rent for the apartment with a girl who was a lesbian. With the passage of time, living together, I fell in love with her. But I was very much afraid of telling about her to my family. I give infinite thanks to Saints Perpetua and Felicity because when I confessed to my parents they accepted my choice and our relationship. We’re living our love freely and are very happy together.

Paulina and Tania
Merida, Yucatan

Thank you, Saint Sebastian, for helping us in our relationship. It’s tough because our families are against our love. Amapola Ruiz and Enriqueta Vazquez give thanks.

Mexico, 4th April, 1990

Lord of the Column, I, Esmeralda Lara, medicate this retablo to you. I was in love with Angelica Pilar but was afraid to open my feelings to her and be rejected, but you helped me.

March 7, 1980

I offer this retablo to Saint Rose. I decided to visit very famous lesbian tattoo artist in Tijuana to make a surprise for my husband’s birthday. But when my hubby saw my body all covered in tattoos he freaked out and kicked me out. He didn’t want to know me anymore. But the most amazing thing was that after this I came back to Tijuana and went to the lesbian artist with whom I had already started falling in love. Now we’re living and making tattoos together.

Saint Sebastian, we thank you for having met each other and legalize our relationship without hiding it from the society. We love each other, and we’re happy together.

Karla and Brenda
Condesa, Mexico City

Ofelia B. fell in love. They were afraid they relationships would be discovered. They thank Saint Anthony with this retablo because the children of them both understood it and support them.

Sofia met Reyna and, admiring her beauty, couldn’t do anything but think about her. She opened her feelings to Reyna, and Reyna said that she felt the same about Sofia. It was a surprise, so Sofia promised this retablo to Saint Sebastian for giving them an opportunity of meeting each other and living very happily together with no fear of being watched.

Polanco, Mexico City
March 21, 1992

I thank Saint Sebastian for the fortune of finding the happiness and the joy of loving and being loved, for making this big dream come true. I feel I’m loved back.

Colonia Roma, Mexico City

What a surprise, Saint Jude, that I met Ellen this sultry summer.

Zulma Anibal

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The widow B. M. was feeling very lonely but then a neighbor seduced her, and now they live happily. She thanks Saint Raymond with this retablo because the neighbor is quiet about it so nobody knows about it.

Miraculous Lord of the Column, we, Aido Salcido and my beloved Rocio Gonzalez, thank you for all your help. Yes, we are different and aren’t quite understood by others, but have nothing to hide. Now we live together and it seems that our families and the people begin to understand us.

Coyoacán — March 15, 1974