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We thank Saint Sebastian for making our relationship official before the society, without hiding it anymore, and for living it with happiness that we both wished for.

Luisa and Ana
Col. Condeza, Oct. 2016

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Martha Larios and Leonora Perez are very grateful for living together and very happy, in spite of public shaming. You gave us strength to go on and show that we love each other.

CDMX, 2021

Infinite Thanks to Cher, because without her I may never have had the courage to be out! I knew I was a lesbian at 6, but it wasn’t until I first saw her in 1971 on the first Sonny & Cher Show that I knew at 11, I had the courage to do anything! She inspired me to come out at 13 and be proud. Not bad for a poor Housing Commission girl in 1974! I will never forget the song “Half Breed” Cher, the horse, & the sexy extravagance. No wonder I rode my motorbike through the crowd at the Palais in St. Kilda at “An Extravagant Lesbian Night” with just a g-string, a cap & a whole lot of body oil! Thank you, Cher!

Irene Reenie Christodolou

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I am thankful to the Blessed Genius who invented Bunnings. These Australian hardware stores have become de facto quee clubs for DIY queers, especially lesbians, to meet each other. On any given weekend the inner Melbourne Bunnings are teeming with cute bitches & masc sorts ogling the power tools, & handsome types lining up for their Bunnings sausages (not a euphemism). It really is homo heaven.

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We thank Saint Sebastian for we met and live happily as a couple, and were able to make our relationship official to the society without hiding from it, because we love each other as we are and who cares what we do.

Sofia & Rubi
Polanco, Mexico City, 2007

Give me comfort, my Saint Jude, so I would accept that my wife has changed me for her best girl friend.

Jonatan Vega

San Sebastian, I offer you this retablo, because Veronica moved to live with me. We will be thankful to you for our happiness, and now we can live without hiding our relationship.


Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

February 14, 1987

I thought I was in love with both Fox Mulder and Dana Scully; but the more I obsessively watched the X-files, the more I realized that I was actually into Scully—her dour manner, independence, badassery, skepticism, intelligence, and the way she wielded a gun, & wore her pant suits. And how hot she looked in those pant suits. Infinite thanks to Saint Scully, for modeling the ideal love & partner for me, at a time when I didn’t even know that I was into girls.

P.S. Infinite thanks for Gillian Anderson, too.

Melbourne, 2019

Thank you, my Saint Jude, for the incredible vacation in Zipolite that hot summer of 1980 when I met Vero.

Conchita Monjaraz

Marlene Martinez dedicate this retablo to the Lord of the Column for the relationship with Veronica. I was afraid of being criticized and that she wouldn’t accept me since I’m a tomboy, but you gave me bravery to be happy.

Mexico, May 5, 1980

We ask you, Saint Sebastian, to open the eyes and wake the conscience of many people who are criticizing our affair.

Pamela & Suzy

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My father caught me when I was with Sonia. He was so furious he kicked me out of the house. I was all alone and implored the Virgin, and my father forgave me. He accepted me as I am, and I thank for that. I was born that way and cannot change.

Vaneza Rodriges
February 14, 1987
Polanco, Mexico

Baths “The Desire”

I thank the Virgin of Guadalupe for the miracle of having Rosa back with me after she dumped me for another woman. I love her and forgive her. Now we are very happy.

Rosa and Norma
February 14, 2009, Mexico City